Never stop asking why

Sisu is the fastest and most comprehensive way to understand why business metrics are changing.

Inform every business decision with data

Accelerate user acquisition

Continually assess marketing programs to find your best customers.

Increase revenue

Analyze millions of transactions with Sisu to find new paths to growth.

Optimize production costs

Use Sisu to find new paths to operational efficiency and reduced costs.

Improve customer engagement

Diagnose customer behavior, usage, and sentiment to maximize engagement.

Fast, comprehensive, continuous diagnosis

Connect to any cloud warehouse

Quickly connect Sisu to your enterprise data warehouse and start analyzing all the data you’ve already collected in Snowflake, BigQuery, or Redshift.

Examine every possible factor

Once connected, Sisu will rapidly analyze every customer segment and transaction to find what factors had the biggest impact on your top line.

Continuously monitor metrics

Growth is a complex equation and customer behavior can change without warning. As new transactions arrive, Sisu tirelessly analyzes your revenue data to help you understand where to focus next.

Get the facts

The facts Sisu finds in your data explain the changes you observe in your business metrics over time. For example, in a retail scenario, Sisu can help you understand which customer segments and behavior are impacting your AOV:

Customers between the age of 26 and 35 who are part of the Silver loyalty program are increasing their spend by 15% month-over-month. This is increasing total revenue by $372,031.

Putting data to work across enterprises


See how Samsung changed the trajectory of a billion-dollar product launch with Sisu.

“We couldn’t believe how quickly we found actionable facts in the data.”


Upwork found new customer segments and paths to growth in a marketplace of 5M companies and 12M freelancers.

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Mixt used Sisu to find ways to improve store operations by analyzing 150,000 hypotheses in seconds.

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"With Sisu, we can use all of the operational data we capture to diagnose changes in same-store sales and get regular updates on performance.”

Celia Stockwell
Director of Finance, Mixt

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Inform every decision with data.