Stop wondering why your metrics are changing

Make confident decisions with fast, comprehensive analytics.

The fastest and most comprehensive path to why

Supercharge your analytics

Diagnose rapidly-changing KPIs in seconds, 100x faster than before.

Use all your data

Automatically check every factor for complete, unbiased answers.

Never miss out

Get relevant, proactive updates as soon as new data arrives.

Augment and accelerate your analytics

Instantly diagnose changing metrics

Metrics change faster than you can understand why. Sisu automates the process of explaining what’s driving that change, checking every factor in your data in seconds.

Examine every possible factor

Shake the nagging feeling you’re overlooking something. Sisu comprehensively checks the impact of hundreds of dimensions in your data, in seconds.

Keep up with your data

Stop endlessly refreshing dashboards and reactively drilling down into reports. Sisu proactively surfaces new facts as your metrics change with clear, actionable updates.

Putting data to work across enterprises

See how Samsung changed the trajectory of a billion-dollar product launch with Sisu.

“We couldn’t believe how quickly we found actionable facts in the data.”


Upwork quickly diagnoses new paths to growth in a marketplace of 5M companies and 12M freelancers.

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Housecall Pro monitors rapidly changing metrics across 60,000 services professionals, 120 verticals, and billions of transactions.

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"With Sisu, we can use all of the operational data we capture to diagnose changes in same-store sales and get regular updates on performance.”

Celia Stockwell
Director of Finance, Mixt

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