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Stop manually slicing and dicing. Cut analysis time with augmented analytics from Sisu.

Answer any question before you're asked 'why'

Supercharge analysis

Uncover the factors driving your KPIs, faster than ever before.

Use all your data

Automatically check every factor for complete, unbiased answers.

Never miss out

Get relevant, proactive updates as soon as new data arrives.

Augment and accelerate your analysis

Instantly explain changing metrics

You can’t keep up with changing metrics using manual data exploration. Automate the process of analyzing what’s driving changes, checking every factor in seconds.

Examine every possible factor

Shake the nagging feeling you’re overlooking something. Quickly and comprehensively check the impact of hundreds of dimensions in your data.

Keep up with your data

Stop endlessly refreshing dashboards and drilling down into reports. Proactively surface new facts as your metrics change with clear, actionable updates.

“With Sisu we can diagnose opportunities at the transaction and customer level, allowing us to provide insights we wouldn’t otherwise be able to get to.”

Carl Ekman, Vice President of Business Insights

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