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Best possible decisions from data

We see the future of analytics, and that vision allows us to help you manage your data more efficiently to make the best decision, faster.
A wealth of information creates a poverty of attention
With the rise of the cloud data stack, we can afford – for the first time in history – to track every business metric at increasingly fine granularity. But, as data volumes rise, our ability to find signal in that data remains limited. Analytics systems must evolve to augment and automate how we seek insights over large, diverse data sources.

The problem we're tackling


"I kept seeing use cases where people knew the metrics they wanted to optimize but didn't have the time or energy to dig into their data to understand what was impacting them and what was actionable. I realized we could alleviate the bottleneck and help users get a handle on their growing data."

Peter Bailis 
Founder, CEO

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