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Turning data into better decisions

We’re building the future of analytics, helping data-driven companies operationalize their data and find answers, faster.
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How it started
Democratizing ML and AI
Sisu started at Stanford, in the DAWN lab. A five-year research investment led by Peter Bailis, the team at DAWN set out to democratize AI and ML. DAWN has since fostered projects like Snorkel, Weld, and Macrobase - the original prototype for Sisu.
Tested at scale
From early successes deploying prototypes at Facebook, Microsoft, Tesla, and Google, we realized the critical need for better tools to diagnose changing metrics in complex data.

The problem we're tackling

"I kept seeing use cases where people knew the metrics they wanted to optimize but didn't have the time or energy to dig into their data to understand what was impacting them and what was actionable. I realized we could alleviate the bottleneck and help users get a handle on their growing data."

Peter Bailis
Founder, CEO

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Sisu by Ben Horowitz

Almost every company has more data about their business than ever before, but very few are smarter for it.
Ben Horowitz
Board member, Sisu

The Next Chapter in Data Analytics

Companies that haven’t figured out how to use data to their advantage must evolve or risk being outcompeted.
Peter Sonsini
Board member, Sisu

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