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Rethinking Data Literacy in 2021

The traditional approach to data literacy isn’t working. In 2021, it’s time to build a shared language between data experts and business users with a metrics-first approach to analytics.

Join Our Next Sisu Live Demo

In our next Sisu live demo, see how we help you quickly diagnose why your most important business metrics are changing, and find the factors that matter.

Efficient Featurization of Common N-grams via Dynamic Programming

Based on our experience working with massive text datasets, John Hallman describes a filtering approach to efficiently use n-gram featurization on large datasets.

Augmented Analytics Unlocks the Value of Your Data Investments

Despite the rise of standardized data pipelines and transforms, most companies are still unable to show the full return of their data investments. In this post, learn how to augment your analytics and unlock the full value of your data.

Why Analytics Tools are Prime Vehicles for “Democratizing” AI/ML

The adoption of AI/ML tools remains scarce in even the largest enterprise. But in this post, Peter Bailis outlines why analytics tools are promising means for democratizing AI/ML.

Speed Up Your Data Analysis with Augmented Analytics by Sisu + Looker

Learn how Augmented Analytics with Sisu + Looker can help you inform fast, data-driven actions so you can do more with your data.

Uncubing Data: Using SQL to Expand Aggregated Data and Prevent Data Loss

With aggregate data, you lose the information contained at the finer grain. Learn how to prevent data loss and get more comprehensive analysis with these SQL tips for disaggregating data.

5 Organizational Habits CDOs Must Break to Escape the Analytics Bottleneck

To build a truly data-driven culture that impacts the business and increases its value, CDOs must break the analytics bottleneck and address these five common habits within their organization.

Welcoming Mark Yen, Sisu’s New Engineering Manager for the Platform Team

In this short interview with VP of Engineering, Brent Goldman, get to know Mark Yen, Sisu’s new Engineering Manager for the Platform team.

Understanding Absentee and Early Voter Trends in North Carolina

With more than 4.5 million votes already cast in North Carolina for the 2020 election, we helped The Raleigh News & Observer dig deeper into the details for absentee and early votes.

Looking Back On a Year of Growth for Team Sisu

To celebrate one year since we officially introduced Sisu, we’re taking a look back at the growth of the team and where we’re headed next.

Reflecting on Future Data:
What Worked and Where We Go From Here

After an overwhelming response to the inaugural Future Data conference, Sisu CEO and Founder Peter Bailis reflects on what worked and where we go from here.

Introducing Brent Goldman, Sisu’s new Vice President of Engineering

In a short interview, Sisu CEO Peter Bailis introduces the latest member of the executive team: Brent Goldman, Vice President of Engineering.

Augment Data Preparation With New, Collaborative Query Library

Announcing two new ways to augment data preparation with Sisu: a shared query repository, and an Athena connector for your Amazon S3 data.

A Better, Cloud-Native Data Architecture for E-Commerce Analytics

Our playbook for building a cloud-native data architecture to improve your e-commerce analytics and implement augmented analytics tools.

Four Reasons Why Now is the Time for Augmented Analytics

Insights from Sisu customers on augmented analytics and how adopting this proactive approach lets analytics teams fully unlock the value of their data.

Analyzing Racial and Geographic Disparities in COVID-19 Cases with Snowflake Data Shares and Sisu

Using data from Snowflake Data Shares and Sisu, our team took a look at the racial and geographic trends in new COVID-19 cases. Take a look at the differences between the rise of cases in March to the most recent surge of cases in July.

Announcing Future Data: A New and Independent Data Conference

Introducing Future Data, an open, independent event connecting leading voices in data with a community of technical experts to talk about what's next.

451 Research:
Informed Decision Making with Proactive Intelligence

In this guest post, 451 Research’s Matt Aslett shares his research on the importance of proactive intelligence and how it enables agile and informed decision making.

Fast Segmentation Analysis to Diagnose Changing Customer Behavior

In this walkthrough, we show how a data analyst at a large retailer can use segmentation analysis in Sisu to comprehensively analyze experiments and diagnose changing customer behavior.

Data Analyst 3.0: The next evolution of data workflows

With the rise of cloud-native data warehouses and advancements in AI, Sid Sharma explains how we’re at the cusp of a third phase of BI that will forever change the role of the Data Analyst.

Quit playing games with your data. Sisu at GDC Summer 2020.

We're headed (virtually) to GDC Summer 2020, August 4-6th to talk gaming, data, and analytics.

SQL Tips and Tricks: Using LISTAGG for session data

If you collect all your sessions data and no one is around to use it, is it really collected at all? A guide to using LISTAGG in SQL.

Two new ways to answer why, faster: Text and segment analysis

Two new ways to answer why, faster: Text and segment analysis

Diagnosing Session-Level Data for a Streaming Service in Seconds

Learn how to go from the “what” to the “why” faster and more comprehensively. In this post, we’ll walk through how a data analyst at a large streaming services company can use Sisu to find the facts in session-level data.

451 Research:
Maintaining Business Agility with Proactive Intelligence

In a post from 451 Research, Matt Aslett examines how businesses can turn to proactive intelligence to maintain business agility in spite of the socio-economic impact of the coronavirus pandemic.

Neural Networks for Sparse Data with Graph Coloring

A look at how graph coloring techniques can be used to make neural networks applicable to large, sparse data.

Fast Data Demands Faster Analytics: Three Tips for Accelerating Analytics

During our recent webinar, "The Future of Analytics: Faster data demands faster analytics," we discussed three tips for accelerating analytics by automating fast data."

Proactive Analytics: Root-Cause Analysis vs. Outlier Detection

A look at the differences between root-cause analysis and outlier detection and how these tools can break the cycle of reactive analytics caused by dashboards and legacy BI tools.

Designing Datasets: Four Principles to Advance Data Diagnosis

With more transactional data in cloud-native warehouses than ever before, analysts should stop aggregating their data for business intelligence tools. To help, here are four principles on designing datasets for cloud-native diagnosis.

The Future of Analytics: Faster Data Demands Faster Analytics

Join Ventana Research and Sisu on June 17th to learn about the changing data patterns impacting data teams and how proactive data analytics tools can accelerate the pace of decision-making.

Spark Summit 2020 Session: Chromatic Learning for Sparse Data

We’re headed (virtually) to Spark Summit 2020, the largest data and machine learning conference! Preview Vlad Feinberg’s session on chromatic learning for sparse enterprise data.

Three Ways to Increase Analyst Efficiency and Decrease Data Prep

Is your analytics team spending more than 80% of their time prepping data, and only 20% doing the actual analysis? You’re not alone, but there are three ways you can improve your team’s efficiency and allow them to do more than just prepping data.

When Everything Changes, Go Back to the Facts

Why companies should put aside their predictive models and focus on more proactive analytics to diagnose the actual changes in their business, particularly when faced with uncertainty.

Three Data Challenges Shaping the Future of Analytics

During our recent webinar, “The Future of Analytics: Accelerating Operational Decisions,” we discussed the three primary data challenges that companies face and how these challenges are shaping the adoption of new, more modern tools and strategies.

Upholding Trust: Sisu Achieves SOC 2 Type II, HIPAA, and Privacy Shield Compliance

Sisu achieves SOC 2 Type II certification, HIPAA security rule compliance, and certification under the EU-U.S. Privacy Shield Framework.

Security at Sisu

An introduction to Richard Reinders, Head of Security at Sisu. Dive into our current investments in security at Sisu and where we’re headed in the immediate future.

How BI Tools Hamper Analyst Productivity for Remote Teams

Does your analyst team have the right tools to be their most productive remotely? During our virtual Fireside Chat, we explored the most common pains for analyst teams, why established BI tools aren’t cutting it, and other strategies to enable teams to thrive remotely.

451 Research:
Business Monitoring Tools Using Machine Learning to Analyze Metrics

You need fast answers about what’s happening in your business. Get a complimentary copy of 451 Research’s latest report on the opportunity to achieve immediate, detailed visibility into your data and critical KPIs.

The Future of Analytics: Accelerating Operational Decisions

Join Jad Naous from Imply and Peter Bailis from Sisu in an engaging discussion about how companies can quickly reinvent the way they use data and how leaders effectively build a culture where every decision is informed with data.

What's Remote Got To Do With It? Making Analytics More Collaborative

Listen in on the virtual fireside chat we had with three analytics leaders with deep experience building successful, highly collaborative, remote-friendly teams at GitLab, Fishtown Analytics, and WordPress.com.

Finding A Data Analytics Job In These Uncertain Times

To help data analysts and engineers impacted by layoffs, here's a list of companies hiring for analytics jobs, skill development resources, and useful interview tools.

Software Engineering Daily Podcast: Peter Bailis, Sisu CEO

A high volume of data should contain a high volume of useful information. So why do we struggle to find facts when we need them?

Graph Coloring for Machine Learning

Based on our experience working with large, sparse datasets, we describe a method to use graph coloring to reduce the complexity of analysis.

DealMakers Podcast:
Sisu and Doing the Hard Work to Understand Why

Sisu CEO Peter Bailis and Alejandro Cremades sat down for a DealMakers Podcast about Sisu, Peter's journey into computer science and the challenge of diagnosing enterprise data.

Video: Finding better ways to
diagnose why your metrics are changing

While it feels like we should be in a golden age of data, the BI tools we’re using haven’t kept up. Watch Sisu CEO Peter Bailis discuss how to address that, and how our approach needs to change.

Sisu, Data Diagnostics, and the Rise of Operational Analytics

Announcing Sisu's $52.5M Series B from our investors at NEA, Andreessen Horowitz, and Green Bay Ventures.

Sisu Launches with $52.5M from NEA and Andreessen Horowitz

Sisu launches its analytics platform and announces $52.5M Series B from NEA, Andreessen Horowitz, and Green Bay Ventures.

O’Reilly Data Show:
Peter Bailis on Machine Learning and Operational Analytics

Sisu CEO Peter Bailis joins Ben Lorica on the O’Reilly Data Show for a conversation about how machine learning can improve enterprise analytics and BI.

Sisu at the O’Reilly AI Conference San Jose:
Usable Machine Learning

Sisu is at the 2019 O’Reilly AI conference in San Jose. Don’t miss Peter Bailis’s presentation on Usable Machine Learning in the AI Business Summit.

What Dog Days of Summer?
Get the Facts on our Incredible Sisu Interns

We sat down with our Sisu interns at the end of the summer to discuss their experiences and advice.

Why Everyone Needs a Dedicated Analyst Team

With the investment we’re making in collecting structured data, everyone could benefit from a dedicated analyst team. But almost nobody does. Sisu can help

Three Design Principles for Operational Analytics

With more data, we need faster tools for analysis. At Sisu, we've identified three key design principles for making analytics accessible and understandable.

Three Inconvenient Truths about the State of Enterprise ML

Last week at TieCON 2019, Sisu CEO Peter Bailis challenged conventional wisdom around enterprise ML with three principles for making ML accessible to all.

Three Takeaways from SysML 2019:
More Data, Better Tools, Accessible Models

Reflecting on the research and discussions at SysML 2019, program committee member Peter Bailis shares his observations on three emerging trends.

Lightning-fast Schema Inference in Redshift

In this post, we’ll show you a simple trick we’ve used to improve schema inference performance by over 100x in Redshift.

Towards Off-the-Shelf Machine Learning

Achieving high accuracy in machine learning often requires extremely large amounts of training data – but just how much training data is required?

What to do with Big Data?
Making ML useful is a platform problem

With today’s excitement about making AI and machine learning useful, it’s easy to forget that we were only recently enamored with Big Data and its promise.

Systems for Software 2.0:
A Lesson from Web 1.0

Our modern stack is built around a deterministic, precise model of computation. But statistical forms of correctness are the new normal for software 2.0.

Introducing Sisu

Introducing Sisu: we're building a new kind of software to help people use data to make better decisions. We’re building the new analytics stack.

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