Announcing Future Data: A New and Independent Data Conference

By Peter Bailis - July 29, 2020

The 2010s were a time of open and collaborative discussions about data; conferences such as Strata and RICON were _the_ places to learn about technical advancements and market forces shaping the data ecosystem. As an academic, I looked to these vendor-agnostic conferences to acquaint myself with the bleeding edge and the people driving these projects.

Today, data is more important than ever, but vendor-agnostic conferences for data tooling and systems spanning the entire data stack are few and far between. Several conferences focus on specific layers of the stack (e.g., data engineering, BI, and ML), and many conferences focus on particular technologies or vendor offerings. I see an opportunity for a unified platform, a place for collaboration, and for engaging, community-oriented discussions around data. Especially with the recent disbandment of O’Reilly’s conference series, this need is even more pressing.

Together with several other supporting organizations, I’m excited to put our time and resources into a new, vendor-independent conference that we’re announcing today: Future Data. The goal of the Future Data conference is, put simply, to provide a forum to discuss “what’s next” in data.

We’re kicking off this September 8th and 9th with a roster of some of the leading voices in data, including:

  • Pat Hanrahan (Turing Award winner, professor at Stanford, and founder and Chief Scientist of Tableau)
  • Elena Tej Grewal (former Head of Data Science at Airbnb and founder of Data 2 the People)
  • Matei Zaharia (co-founder and Chief Technologist at Databricks)
  • Calvin French-Owen (founder and CTO at Segment)
  • Azza Abouzied (professor, NYU Abu Dhabi)
  • Marti Hearst (professor, Berkeley School of Information)
  • Alan Jacobson (Chief Data and Analytics Officer at Alteryx)

This year’s speakers will sound off on their perspective on the future of data, based on their deep industry and research expertise. Next year, we’ll hold an open Call for Presentations, to provide an accessible forum for anyone to provide their unique, technical perspective.

This year’s Future Data event will be entirely online on September 8th and 9th, with free registration. I’m personally thrilled about the line-up this year, and the opportunity to create something special as a community.

See you at @futuredataconf!

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