Closing the gap between BI tools and decision-making

By Laura Shores - May 11, 2021

The data that businesses collect today is expanding rapidly, as are the tools and solutions for making sense of that data.

Yet many organizations rely exclusively on descriptive BI tools like Looker and Tableau for analysis. These tools are designed to visualize changes in your data, and while you can give stakeholders access to a few basic features to manipulate and explore the data, they can’t easily see all the levers and opportunities that can impact the performance of their key business metrics.

Diagnostic analysis is a critical part of the process that focuses on finding those key drivers in your data, but descriptive tools can’t scale when there are dozens of factors to choose from and millions of possible factor combinations to test. Analyst teams often have to resort to other approaches like SQL-based tools, notebooks, or cutting at the data in Excel. Fortunately, there’s a better way to do this detective work.

Sisu’s augmented intelligence solution transforms your diagnostic analytics workflow using three main capabilities not possible with legacy solutions: the ability to prepare and analyze all your rich, highly dimensional data, automatic key driver analysis with personalized results over time, and surfacing actionable, multi-factor insights to inform data-driven decisions in real-time.

Prepare and analyze all your wide, messy data

Legacy BI tools are not designed for today’s wide, rich data and as such, you’re limited in the number of possible dimensions you can explore. As data volumes increase, you’re forced to spend more time “dumbing down” your data just to work within the constraints of these tools, which leaves less time for valuable analysis.

Sisu is built to work with the messy, complex, and imperfect data you’re already using for analysis today. You have the option to analyze the same tables that are powering your dashboards and minimize additional data prep work. You can also leverage Sisu’s collaborative query repository, column auto-binning, and text parsing capabilities to build new wide, flat tables in the warehouse.

With Sisu’s streamlined approach, you only need to prepare the data once, and from there you can run endless analyses on top and slice and dice however you’d like without needing to write and rewrite queries.

To always work with fresh data, connect Sisu directly to your cloud data warehouse. Sisu also gives you the flexibility to work with on-premises databases and even flat files like CSVs. Check out some of our supported data sources to learn more.

Automate key driver analysis and get personalized results over time

Born in the cloud and designed for highly-parallel processing, Sisu is purpose-built to handle the volume of data your business captures today. Combining automatic feature engineering, model selection, and a novel query engine, Sisu is the only platform powerful enough to analyze hundreds of millions of factor combinations in seconds to help teams pinpoint key metric drivers and quickly focus on what matters, now.

To help you find focus, Sisu’s ranking and relevance engine automatically returns the top populations that are having the biggest impact on your metric. You can quickly see the full picture, using all your data, and have confidence that nothing has been overlooked.

It doesn’t end there. Just like Netflix and Facebook learn relevance based on user feedback and engagement, Sisu learns a personalized model for each user that improves over time based on their interactions with subpopulations and trends in the data. Your signals, like which facts you click on, and what features you filter, train our models to personalize your results to further accelerate your analytics workflow. 

Surface actionable, multi-factor insights, and drill down fast

By automatically surfacing the highest impact, multi-factor insights in real time, analysts skip the manual querying and hypothesis testing in their BI tool or SQL console, and can immediately focus their attention on actionable relationships between dimensions, like promotions, loyalty programs, product bundles, or the sequence of clicks on your e-commerce website.

Just as important as knowing where to start with a diagnosis is the ability to quickly get to the next level of detail. Unlike BI tools that aren’t built for fast, iterative exploration, Sisu streamlines the process of digging into your multidimensional drivers. With a single click, you can quickly filter your results, or drill down across all dimensions to accelerate your path to an answer.

Finally, Sisu’s always-on connection to your cloud-data warehouse ensures that you’re able to respond in real time to new dynamics happening underneath the surface of your dashboard’s relatively flat curve. By continuously analyzing changing data, you can automatically detect shifting dimensions in your data, like a growing population or a change in customer preferences.

Ready to augment your existing BI tools and start transforming your analytics workflow? Request a demo to see Sisu in action and learn how customers like Samsung, Mastercard, Wayfair, and Gusto are using Sisu to drive measurable business value.

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