Finding A Data Analytics Job In These Uncertain Times

By Scott Bordenave - March 30, 2020

Much of the analytics world’s attention for the past several weeks has focused on assessing, charting, and digesting the available data about COVID-19. But unfortunately, organizations are cutting many analytics jobs in response to the rapid spread of the coronavirus. 

Many communities have reacted quickly to help those impacted by these cuts, and we’ve seen dozens of job boards pop up in tech, sales, and other hubs (the live list that Coda is maintaining is particularly good). However, we haven’t seen anyone focusing on the critical business intelligence, consumer insights, and analytics jobs that still need filling.

Even before the aggressive spread of the current pandemic, I feel like these roles were often overlooked by recruiters and mainstream job boards. Some studies have described a job-to-job-seeker gap of up to one million roles. But, if anyone can help a company navigate a murky, uncertain future, it’s someone comfortable with and excited about working with data. Simply put, we need more analysts in companies that appreciate their skills.

To that end, we’re compiling three things to help anyone in data and analytics impacted by layoffs or job reductions:

  1. An updated list of companies hiring for data analytics positions
  2. Resources for leveling up your job search
  3. Practice interview questions to hone your skills

Suggestions for resources or hiring teams? Send us what you’re hearing at [email protected]


Companies hiring for data analytics positions (actively updated):

  1. Anheuser-Busch InBev
  2. Bombora
  3. Canva
  5. Citadel
  6. Colgate-Palmolive
  7. Daugherty Business Solutions
  8. Insperity
  9. iHeartMedia
  10. Factual
  11. Fullstory
  12. Lionsgate
  13. Medtronic
  14. Samsung
  15. Snowflake
  16. Stitch Fix
  17. Weight Watchers
  18. Upwork
  19. US Cellular
  20. Walmart
  21. The Walt Disney Company

Data-specific jobs boards and recruiters:


Resources for leveling up your job search

We also gathered a quick checklist of resources (with a big tip of the hat to the team at Mode here) and steps to help you polish up your CV and rise to the top of the list for your ideal analytics jobs. Many of our own teammates have used these extensively.

Update your resume

  • Creating a Great Data Science Resume
    In this post, Will Stanton, a Senior data scientist with Splunk and a data science teacher, covers the most common questions involved in creating a data science resume, and lays out step-by-step instructions in very direct language.
  • Creddle
    This free tool lets you enter your work history and experience and turns it into a customizable resume

Update your Linkedin

  • What Makes A LinkedIn Profile Great?
    Entrepreneur and writer Aaron Clayton-Dunn outlines 13 tips to help your profile stand out in a LinkedIn search, based on his own thousands of searches as a hiring manager.

Build a data science portfolio

  • The key to building a data science portfolio that will get you a job
    In this post, Vik Paruchuri, the founder of online data science education company DataQuest, explains why you should build a data science portfolio, and how to go about doing it. Sharing a portfolio with the hiring manager is the quickest way to demonstrate the value you can bring to a business. 
  • How to present your data science portfolio on GitHub
    Vik Paruchuri shows how to take your portfolio a step further and upload/present it on Github. Before diving into this post, you should have a couple of projects that you want to showcase”


Practice interview questions to hone your skills

Finally, here are a set of technical and behavioral questions you can use to practice for that next great interview. Analysts are great at both speed and precision with data as well as their ability to translate those facts into useful recommendations and context – and sometimes that takes real grit.

Practice interview questions


Access to Sisu

We’re here to help, too. Whether you’re actively looking for a new analytics job or want to brush up on the latest in diagnostic analytics on our blog, we’re always happy to talk data.

Or, if you think we could help you find the facts buried in your data and accelerate your company’s analytics potential, schedule some time, and we can get you started. 


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