The Future of Analytics: Faster Data Demands Faster Analytics

By Brynne Henn - June 8, 2020

When your business requires hourly updates on changing KPIs, how quickly can you respond? Do your data analytics tools give the speed and coverage you need to get ahead of these real-time requests?

In their latest report, Ventana Research found 82% of organizations require daily assessments of changing KPIs, and more than a third need to process this information on an hourly basis.

Join us Wednesday, June 17th, for a conversation between David Menninger, SVP and Research Director for Ventana Research, and Berit Hoffman, VP of Product for Sisu, on how your analytics team can respond to this pressure.

This conversation will examine:

  • How increasing data velocity is forcing analysts to spend more time on data collection and processing than analysis¬†
  • Why companies are shifting to cloud-native analytics to help adapt to these changes
  • How teams can automate analysis to get facts from their data in real time

Register to attend the webinar and bring your questions on how you can adapt to the changing data patterns in analytics.