Four ways Sisu’s new experience accelerates data exploration

By Grant Shirk - February 24, 2021

This week, we officially launched a new Sisu analytics experience that accelerates data exploration for analysts and product leaders alike (read the full announcement here). It’s the result of over six months of user research, prototyping, and close collaboration with our customers, we’re excited to share this new interface to data.

Our vision is to make Sisu the decision-making hub for our customers — whether it’s an analyst working on a churn reduction initiative or a PM building features to drive growth. Everyone can use a little help digging deeper into their data to find those faster paths to success. To accomplish this, our product and design teams dug deep into how the experts thought about metrics, how they framed their questions, and why they needed a way to accelerate data exploration to influence decision-making.

As a way to showcase the impact of these features, here are four ways our customers are already using the new experience to accelerate data exploration, answer more questions with confidence, and drive decision-making forward.

Keep metric insights always up-to-date

With Sisu’s always-on connection to your cloud data warehouse, the analyses you create will always be based on the most recent information. One powerful way to leverage this live connection is to explore metrics with high variability, such as Average Order Value, 7-day engagement, and website conversion rates.

By looking at a 7-day rolling window on these fast-moving KPIs, Sisu will keep you informed about new behaviors and actionable customer segments as they emerge, meaning you’ll never miss a critical action because you’re looking at the wrong things.

Diagnose key differences in customer segment behaviors

The Group Comparison feature in Sisu is something we’ve talked about in the past, but the new design amplifies the benefits. Our unique approach to data exploration makes it easy to dig deeper and understand how high-impact groups differ from others.

Creating a new group comparison in Sisu is as easy as opening a new browser tab. From an existing metric, define your population (no SQL required), and you’re seconds away from a deeper understanding of your segment’s behavior.

Looking into performance differences between two competing promotions? Want to understand how household income impacts purchase behavior? Or simply want to go deeper into your sales territories and segments? This new interface is your fastest way to clear answers.

Standardize metric definitions across the company

Decision-making slows down when there’s disagreement about how and where metrics are defined. We’ve all faced the challenge of dozens of dashboards, each with their own special variation on revenue, pipeline, and churn metrics.

The new Sisu experience eliminates this bottleneck by giving you control over a centralized library of KPIs. You control how each metric is defined, craft rich datasets to describe them, and then allow anyone to run detailed analyses without having to worry about the challenges of query sprawl. With a common definition of each metric, you can accelerate data exploration across the company.

By combining the simplicity of these metrics definitions with our powerful SQL tools and cloud warehouse connections, you can now harness the full potential of the rich data you’re capturing and really dig deep into your analysis, knowing you haven’t missed a thing.

Focus, zoom in, and make recommendations, fast

Last but certainly not to be overlooked, we’ve added new filters to the fact table in Sisu that dramatically cuts down the time it takes to highlight the factors that really matter. These filters help analysts target and hone in on truly high-impact insights in the data.

These filters help narrow down a hypothesis and find other supporting facts to round out a complete recommendation. Filter by individual factors, population size, population performance, and overall impact.

Get started today and accelerate data exploration

No matter what question you’re trying to answer in the data, you need answers in minutes or hours, not days or weeks. To paraphrase one of the analysts we spoke with, “if you make the decision too late, the analysis is worthless.”

We’d love to show you around these new tools, and even more ways to accelerate data exploration and decision-making. Join our upcoming Product Webinar on March 3rd and see how fast data exploration can be.


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