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Complementary Pairs Stability Selection | August 25, 2021

This week, we discussed a variant of stability selection called *Complementary Pairs Stability Selection* (a.k.a CPSS) introduced by R.D. Shah and R.J. Samworth.

Vowpal Wabbit | August 10, 2021

Vowpal Wabbit (VW) is extremely useful as a baseline for us at Sisu because it is one of the few open source approaches to fitting linear (and polynomial) models which supports the scale and parallelism for our data sets. We provide a tutorial for VW.

Bayesian Online Changepoint Detection | July 27, 2021

This week, we cover the paper "Bayesian Online Changepoint Detection" (BOCD) by Ryan Adams and David MacKay. BOCD is an algorithm that detects distributional change points in online time-series using Bayesian probability.