Join our next Sisu live demo

By Sarah Ikemoto - April 29, 2021

When your key metrics change, how you respond — and how quickly you respond — matters. In this live demo, our product experts will show how Sisu uses all your data in real time to quickly explain why your metrics are changing.

In our monthly Sisu live demo, you’ll not only see the platform in action with concrete examples, real data, and a few real-world customer stories, you’ll also see how Sisu can help you find the facts buried in your data faster than manual exploration. Augment your analytics team’s ability to answer your toughest business questions, and accelerate your company’s decision-making.

In this 30-minute interactive demonstration on May 19th, you’ll learn:

  • How Sisu simplifies even the most complex analysis
  • How to quickly diagnose key sales, marketing, and operational KPIs
  • How analytics teams at Samsung, Upwork, and Mejuri use Sisu to make fast, informed decisions


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Three Data Challenges Shaping the Future of Analytics

During our recent webinar, “The Future of Analytics: Accelerating Operational Decisions,” we discussed the three primary data challenges that companies face and how these challenges are shaping the adoption of new, more modern tools and strategies.

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Augmented Analytics Unlocks the Value of Your Data Investments

Despite the rise of standardized data pipelines and transforms, most companies are still unable to show the full return of their data investments. In this post, learn how to augment your analytics and unlock the full value of your data.

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