What's Remote Got To Do With It? Making Analytics More Collaborative

By Grant Shirk - April 6, 2020

Recent events have put a priority on two things: better use of data and more effective team collaboration. Any analytics team worth their notebooks knows that you can’t solve tough problems in isolation. It takes communication, creativity, and process. The upshot of the current environment is that we can use this experience to make our teams stronger and more effective now and into the future. 

Watch the replay here.

In this engaging, light-hearted, and overly honest virtual fireside chat, three analytics leaders from GitLab, Fishtown Analytics, and share stories, gaffes, urban legends, and tips for improving any team’s workflow.  

Our panelists:

  • Tristan Handy is the CEO and Founder of Fishtown Analytics, makers of dbt. He spends his time working to rebuild the analytics workflow from the ground up, allowing data analysts to work like software engineers: writing high-quality, modular, tested code.
  • Emilie Schario is an Internal Data Strategy Consultant at GitLab. An active contributor to the analytics community on topics ranging from data engineering, her expertise includes building a healthy remote data culture for companies in all industries. 
  • Simon Ouderkirk is Director of Data and Analytics at Simon has been leading remote data teams for multiple years and speaks frequently on the topic of how data teams can squash the uncertainty that manifests itself within organizations. 

The discussion is moderated by Sisu’s own Sid Sharma, Solutions Engineering lead. In addition to asking the hard-hitting questions of Tristan, Emilie, and Simon, he also moderates live Q&A from the audience. Bring your curiosity and a cup of coffee.