Announcing Sisu’s growth, Explorations and Dashboards, and our Series C fundraise

By Peter Bailis - September 28, 2021

We started Sisu just over three years ago to fundamentally redefine the interface people use to interact with data at scale, allowing everyone to make the best possible decisions from their data.

Today, I’m excited to announce several important milestones on our journey: an update on our traction in the market, new capabilities that dramatically expand Sisu’s role in data-informed decision-making, and Series C funding to accelerate our growth in the market.

Tackling the Decision Gap with Decision Intelligence

We built Sisu to address the Decision Gap: the gap between the data that’s collected and stored and the data that’s actually used by modern organizations in decision-making. As cloud data is becoming table stakes, data volumes are rapidly growing and the subsequent Decision Gap is widening. Conventional tools for analytics have been unable to keep pace and more and more data is underutilized and underleveraged.

Anyone who wants to use their data to make the best and most comprehensive decisions is confronted with three simple questions:

    • What is happening?
    • Why is it happening?
    • Now what should we do in response?

Using conventional approaches to analytics, people get stuck at “What” – their toolkit leaves it up to them to answer “Why”. Users are stuck looking for changes manually by slicing and dicing data, generating hypotheses, running those analyses. After all, they still need to chart a course of action. Since the legwork to answer “Why” is traditionally so cumbersome, they rarely can use all of – or even most of– their data to answer the “Now what”.

Enter Sisu, a Decision Intelligence Engine where everyone can quickly and comprehensively leverage their cloud data to understand what is happening, why it’s happening, and how to take action (“Now what”). Our engine is powered by a scalable, cloud-native, ML-driven approach to delivering the right data to the right people at the right time.

At Sisu, we’re seeing the impact of Decision Intelligence on a daily basis. Our initial focus as a company was taking our hardest-learned lessons from academia and scaling them up to provide the fastest and most comprehensive engine for answering the “Why.” Today, with this approach, Sisu is helping data-forward companies including MasterCard, Autodesk, Samsung, Upwork, Wayfair, Equinox, Udacity, and Gusto make better decisions to optimize metrics for growth, revenue, and incident rate.

Part one – Beyond “why” with Explorations and Dashboards

In response to overwhelming user demand, we’re announcing our first capabilities to natively tackle “What” and “Now What” in the Sisu engine. Explorations allow users to quickly and easily dig into, pivot, and visualize their metrics, without requiring code. Dashboards allow users to collect explorations, track changes to their metrics, and to share them with others. This allows customers to better understand what is happening, and to share their findings and recommendations for action as part of their decision-making process.

The reason why Sisu’s Explorations and Dashboards are special is that they allow users – with as little as one click – to get the “Why” behind any result from their data. We’ve taken the best parts of Sisu’s existing analysis capabilities and facilitated a seamless interface where users can quickly iterate and toggle back and forth between “what is happening” and “why it’s happening.” It also makes it easy to share the results and get them in front of the right people at the right time.

With these new features, users can track metrics, understand what’s happening, and share them with others, without leaving their preferred data platform or writing a single line of code. This means the process of understanding data, iterating on questions, and coming up with an actionable recommendation for action is easier than ever. Coupled with other industry firsts we’ve announced earlier this year including Smart Waterfall Charts and our Metrics Layer, these features make Sisu the fastest, most comprehensive, and most powerful place to make better decisions using data in the cloud.

We’ve been thrilled by early feedback from our beta users and are excited to GA these new capabilities to every Sisu customer as they continue to optimize their businesses with data.

Part two – New funding to fuel continued growth

Recognizing this opportunity, we’ve preemptively raised an additional $62M in the form of a Series C from our investors at a16z, NEA, and Green Bay Ventures, led by Green Bay leading the round and with participation from new investor Geodesic Capital. This brings our total capital raised to over $128M.

This fundraise comes on the heels of substantial growth as a company. We’ve almost doubled our team size in the past year. And during the same period, we’ve more than tripled our recurring revenue. Our investors – who have considerable depth in data companies from Tableau to Databricks – were so excited about this progress that they were eager to continue their investment and fuel future growth.

This capital allows us to accelerate hard into the traction we’re seeing, and to continue to execute on a bold vision for the future of analytics on cloud data. In addition, beyond Explorations and Dashboards, we’ll be continuing to execute on making the “What,” “Why,” and “Now What” even more powerful and accessible for more users. Making decisions with data is a multi-user, multi-step workflow, and we believe everyone with cloud data needs a Decision Intelligence Engine.

We’ll be announcing more of this progress over the next 18 months, and we’re just getting started – join us!

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