Quit playing games with your data. Sisu at GDC Summer 2020.

By Maile Farnow - July 14, 2020

This summer, the Sisu team is headed (virtually) to the GDC Summer Conference. We’re excited to see how this show makes the transition to a virtual event, but at first glance, it seems like attendees and sponsors alike are embracing the change in format.

With a rapidly-changing gaming market, that’s no surprise. The mechanics of designing and developing a successful portfolio are built around acquisition and retention, and when player segments and profiles are changing in unexpected ways, the faster you can figure out what’s working, the faster you can bend your growth curve.

The good news is that no matter what you use to collect data from your portfolio, from the moment you launch your closed beta to an epic sunset, Sisu helps your team understand how to optimize installs and monetization faster than any other platform.

Here are three ways you can level up your analytics with Sisu at GDC Summer and beyond this year:

Let the data speak: Using data to guide every stage of your game

At 1 PM on the first day of the conference, join Sisu Founder and CEO Peter Bailis in a conversation about how some of the most successful developers and publishers in the industry are using data in new ways to diagnose key metrics like CPI, UA, and LTV in today’s market. He’ll share lessons from his research at Stanford University, where he worked with the mobile engagement team at Facebook and the Google Adwords team to accelerate their ability to work with fast-moving, complex data to make better decisions. If you’re sick of squinting at dashboards in the hopes something jumps out, this is the GDC Summer session for you.

Stop by our virtual booth and talk data. Or anything, really

Going virtual also gives us some interesting opportunities to talk data, share some skills, and have some practical discussions about how to improve everything from player acquisition to segment testing to revenue optimization. Or, we might just spin up a few interactive games and bring the best of the best together for a refreshing break from the relentless onslaught of Zoom meetings. We’d love to see you and talk Sisu at GDC this summer.

Get the guide: Fast-Twitch Analysis: Five ways to diagnose player value with Sisu 

Finally, if you’re looking for inspiration for your own team after the GDC Summer event, we’ve put together a quick one-page primer on the best ways to re-examine your games’ key metrics to find faster, more comprehensive facts about your players and gameplay mechanics. It’s a great place to start – think of it as the first step to supercharging the way you use data, and hopefully finding an edge in your market.

See you at the show!

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