Looking Back On a Year of Growth for Team Sisu

By Grant Shirk - October 27, 2020

It’s been a full year since we officially introduced Sisu, and it’s been a busy one for the team. To celebrate, we’re taking a moment to reflect on our progress and share a look at the growth to come.

Since October 2019, we’ve:

  • Added 21 amazing team members, growing 2x year over year
  • Grown our customer count 4x
  • Surfaced millions of facts for those customers
  • Accelerated the speed of the platform by over 60x
  • Launched the Future Data conference and community
  • Seen Augmented Analytics rise to the top of everyone’s 2021 wish list

Now, to dig a little deeper:

2x Team Growth, Across Departments

When you’re creating something new, a strong team matters most. To build the future of augmented analytics, we’ve assembled a killer team across product, engineering, design, marketing, sales, and operations. Since October, we’ve more than doubled our team, growing from 21 to 42 people — all with expertise from across industries and experience from their time at companies including Amazon, Box, Gainsight, Google, Looker, Stripe, Uber, and more.

In that time, we’ve also welcomed three key leaders to the Sisu team: Berit Hoffmann as VP of Product, Bryan Hamblin as Chief Revenue Officer, and most recently, Brent Goldman as VP of Engineering. Their leadership and experience are helping us accelerate growth and build a customer-centric, best-in-class analytics platform.

And we’re not stopping there. We’re hiring for roles across all teams, including tripling our engineering team. On our path to informing every decision with data, accelerating the delivery of insights, and building the next interface to data — to steal a phrase from Bryan Hamblin — there’s “no time to stop, more wood to chop.”

“There are at least another twenty years of progress to make on the problem of ranking and relevance for structured data. The opportunity to both knock out the technical wins and the market impact is massive. And doing this with a bright and bold team of experts across the stack is a privilege.” — Peter Bailis, Sisu Founder and CEO

The Sisu Team as of October 2020 in our fancy, digital office.

4x Customer Growth

The best technology in the world doesn’t matter if you’re not making an impact for your customers. In the last year, we’ve grown the number of companies using Sisu daily fourfold, adding new customers including Corsair, Gusto, Housecall Pro, Mejuri, Udacity, and more. Growth-minded and with the best data-driven cultures we’ve ever seen, our customers lead across industries, from gaming to finance, retail to SaaS, demonstrating that every analytics team can benefit from augmenting their analysis and getting critical insights, faster.

These same customers are partnering with us on our roadmap as well, guiding us as we build the future of analytics. We’re incredibly thankful for the feedback and guidance we’ve received from innovators like Samsung, Coatue, and E-Trade.

“It’s been an amazing year. We’ve surpassed our growth goals and partnered with phenomenal, fast-growing customers like Samsung, Corsair, Housecall Pro, Upwork, and Kitu Super Coffee. We’re learning from what makes their data teams great.” — Bryan Hamblin, Chief Revenue Officer

The facts that matter, out of millions

Our customers are using Sisu to continuously diagnose critical revenue metrics as the economy fluctuates, accelerate weekly business reviews, and drive key decisions about product development, retention strategies, and customer segmentation. After years of squinting at static dashboards, they’re finally able to use all their data, as it arrives, to find insights they can act on in a landscape of millions of possibilities.

And with each KPI diagnosis, drill-down, and metric definition, we’re refining, streamlining, and accelerating the workflow. Each of our major launches this year — from SOC 2 Type II to segment comparison and text analysis — was informed by the needs and suggestions of our customers.

“The exciting part about building a new interface to data is that there’s no blueprint for how it should work. Behind the Sisu product sits a unique, unmatched analytics engine that can truly accelerate better, data-driven decisions. We’re building towards this vision in partnership with our users, blending novel data techniques and human-centered product design to unlock the full value of cloud-scale data for our customers.” — Berit Hoffmann, VP of Product

Speed, power, and new data challenges

When speed matters — and it usually does — seconds add up quickly. In fact, in a recent webinar with our partners at Mode, the analysts in attendance told us that Sisu could save them as much as 10 hours per week of manual slicing and dicing. Over the course of a year, that’s over 500 hours saved per person. What could you accomplish with an extra day a week?

Our engineering team has made performance their #1 priority, improving Sisu’s overall speed by over 60x in the last six months, with major investments in the platform’s architecture, resilience, and efficiency, as well as on the machine learning algorithms. We’re also developing new, more efficient ways to work with complex enterprise data, like Vlad and Peter’s recent paper on graph coloring for sparse learning.

“One of the best things about the engineering culture at Sisu is that everyone has a hand in solving fascinating and multifaceted tech challenges. This ranges from designing infrastructure around low-latency, high-reliability distributed systems and building ML algorithms that solve NP-hard computer science problems to figuring out how to run these complex algorithms in real-time at scale to building an intuitive product experience that allows analysts to benefit from all the science and engineering behind the scenes.” — Brent Goldman, VP of Engineering

Kickstarting the Future Data community