Top five: The future of data and analytics

By Joel McKelvey - September 21, 2021

I’m new to Sisu, having only a month of tenure, and it has truly been an eye-opening few weeks. I’ve been able to experience first-hand what happens when you unlock the power of cloud computing to automatically analyze cloud-scale datasets. But, I still need to keep up with larger industry trends and determine where data and analytics functions are headed.

That’s why I’m so glad I’ll be attending Future Data, a conference that addresses what’s next for data and data people. I view it as an important learning opportunity for me in my new role, but also extremely useful for my career overall. I think it might be useful for others to understand why I’m excited about the event. So, here are the five sessions I’m going to make time to attend:

    1. 2:15-3:00pm PT. Boss Talk. This session will bring together Ali Ghodsi (co-founder and CEO of Databricks), Ben Horowitz (of Andreesen Horowitz), and Sisu CEO Peter Bailis. Ali brings an amazing perspective on the evolution of the data warehouse/data lake. Ben has deep insider knowledge of emerging technologies. Peter is a thought leader on using the power of the cloud to tame the complexity of cloud data. This session is a must-see.
    2. 10:00-10:30am PT. The Changing Role of the CDO. Presented by Sol Rashidi, CAO at Estee Lauder, one of the “50 most powerful women in tech”. If you’re a CDO (or plan to become, sell to, or work for a CDO), this one is pretty much required watching. Much of the research I’ve seen on the CDO role is a few years old and it’ll be great to hear the latest from someone who really knows the latest.
    3. 11:30-12:00pm PT. Infrastructure-as-Code and the Modern Data Experience, presented by Tristan Handy of dbt labs. DBT is a leader in the new data stack and Tristan is deep in the evolution of data transformation at every step in the data pipeline. If, like me, you’re interested in hearing how ETL and ELT are evolving alongside other aspects of the stack, this session is for you.
    4. 12:00-12:45pm PT. Widening the Table, Sponsored by Women in Analytics.
      Berit Hoffman is the CPO at Sisu and I think her approach to the industry and her technical knowledge are a huge asset to the company and industry. She’ll be part of “Widening the Table”, where she and a panel of peers will be talking about how diverse data leads to better decisions and diverse teams lead to better business outcomes.
    5. 10:30-11:00am PT. Data is a Product with Eric Weber of Yelp. Eric is the Head of Data Product and Experimentation at Yelp and he’ll be talking about what it means to provide “data as a product” to internal and external data customers. Eric has a deep background in tech but is also able to connect technologies to people and business value, so I am very interested in hearing what he’ll share.

Future Data will be remote this year so it’ll be easier than ever to attend these sessions. I’d suggest you register early, however, so you can hear more about the event and receive updates as we get closer to the date. I hope I’ll get a chance to meet you (virtually) there!

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