Our mission is to operationalize the world's data

We’re accelerating data exploration to help teams make better decisions, act decisively, and grow faster than the competition.

Our values

How we act is who we are. No matter who we aspire to be, it’s our actions that truly determine our character.

Iterate towards greatness
We make progress on big, audacious goals by iterating fast and learning via experimentation. On the way to greatness, we seek feedback to guide our approach, one step at a time. We iterate on everything, from our product and processes to our goals.
Deliver WOW
We wow analysts with superhuman speed and result quality. We wow customers and teammates with our vision, product, and thoughtfulness. Wow builds trust, value, and loyalty, and we’re always striving for more.
Ownership over outcomes
We take the initiative on solutions that move us towards our goals. We’re accountable from concept to delivery and recognize that the highest impact work isn't always the most glamorous. We take pride in the outcomes that we create for our users and our team.
Express yourself
We’re a group of diverse, creative humans aligned around a common goal. We embrace our opinions by speaking up, asking questions, and being direct. No idea is too off-the-wall, and we celebrate the differences and quirks that make us individuals.
Uphold trust
Trust is hard to earn and easy to lose. We work hard to earn and maintain the trust of our users, who entrust us with their data and their decisions. We uphold the trust of our partners, our investors, and our team — we do not compromise on trust.
Customer obsession
We keep the customer in the loop at all times, across every team. Our customers are key to building, learning, and improving high-impact products. Whenever possible, we include the customer in the process.

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