Tableau vs. Sisu

Go beyond the dashboard. Sisu accelerates data exploration, analyzing all your data to find key factors impacting your metrics in seconds.
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Sisu and Tableau at a glance
Sisu lets you explore complex data with speed and precision, drill-down in the data, and make confident recommendations. Use Sisu alone or to augment Tableau dashboards.
General BI
Visualizations of high-level trends
Detect outliers or variations in the data
Team annotation and/or collaboration
Augmented data exploration
Eliminate manual exploration and test the impact of millions of possible combinations of dimensions in seconds
Automatically surface the most actionable factors using impact-based ranking and relevance
Advanced query tools including comprehensive group comparison and sequence analysis
Compare fixed time windows or dynamic time periods
Quickly filter and drill-down on any dimension in the data, and contextualize results in one-click
Automated featurization of natural language text to extract the most impactful words and phrases
Data preparation
SQL Editor to create ad hoc views of data
CSV uploads directly to the UI
Connect to live cloud data sources
Technology architected to work with large, highly dimensional datasets
Enterprise readiness
Access Control: Role-based access controls, SSO
Meets the guidelines for cloud data security: SOC 2 Type II, ISO 27001, HIPAA, and GDPR compliance

Why analysts rely on Sisu to accelerate complex data analysis

Fast answers from cloud-scale data
Sisu connects directly to the data warehouse, using all your rich, wide data to analyze millions of hypotheses in seconds and surface the key drivers impacting your KPIs.
Clear, confident, and actionable recommendations
Unlike dashboards in Tableau which show high-level trends that inspire more questions, Sisu gives the full picture and stack ranks the factors driving change so you can focus on what matters now.
Make a measurable impact
Sisu automates the rote parts of data exploration, eliminates data prep needed to work with BI tools like Tableau, and gives analysts time to answer more questions, go deeper, and deliver important insights.

How Sisu improves your analytics worflow

A typical analytics workflow

Faster, comprehensive analytics workflow with Sisu

Sisu transforms analysis

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