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How Gusto improves customer experience by finding actionable insights faster with Sisu

Gusto is the people platform helping businesses take care of their teams with modern payroll, health insurance, benefits and expert HR advice. With over 100,000 businesses on the platform, delivering a quality customer experience requires a strong understanding of what is and is not working, based on hard data and real-time insights.
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Finding the “factors behind the factors” driving customer experience

Jasmine Motupalli, Director of Customer Data and Insights at Gusto, and her team focus on using data to drive decisions that help provide the best-in-class customer experience Gusto is known for delivering. To do so, Jasmine’s team focuses on not only the factors driving optimal customer experience and health, but also the “factors behind the factors” to identify, act, and inform the services Gusto provides.

Gusto's key questions

Customer Health

Can we proactively find the factors impacting customer health to support customer needs?


What factors and combinations of factors should we monitor to optimize customer experience?

Benefit Satisfaction

Can we determine the factors driving satisfaction to inform our benefit recommendations?

Too many factors, not enough depth

At Gusto, Jasmine’s unique data team uses advanced analytics to ensure Gusto is continually improving the services it provides. To do so, Jasmine needed to monitor more than a simple CSAT or NPS score. Instead, they developed an intricate Customer Health Score based on over 130 factors to assess a customer’s overall health and identify factors that impacted customer experience.

When these scores start to change, her team has to quickly and efficiently diagnose the factors impacting customer health and clearly answer how customer behavior, customer experience, and demographic data are combining to impact customer health and retention.

While Jasmine could see when metrics were changing with tools like Tableau and Redash, diagnosing why was much more complex and time-consuming — only allowing her team to deliver surface-level insights without recommended action. She needed a scalable solution that would accelerate her analysis and improve the depth of insights they could derive from customer data to support business decisions. That’s when they turned to Sisu.

Finding the right tool to uncover every factor

In her first query with Sisu, Jasmine wanted to understand how to improve customer benefit satisfaction (BenSat). BenSat measures the satisfaction of Gusto end-users (individual employees within a customer’s business) through their benefit enrollment experience, and the average of this metric is a key indicator of overall Gusto customer health.

“This type of analysis would typically take around three weeks: 5-7 days to gather, prep, and analyze the data, 2-3 days to run the final analysis, 3-4 days to consolidate and finalize a report, and another 4 days to translate to a user-friendly visualization. With Sisu it took us only a few hours.”

— Jasmine Motupalli, Director of Customer Data and Insights

Going into the analysis, Jasmine’s team knew that the overall enrollment rate of a customer’s employees was an important indicator of customer health. However, when they used Sisu’s drill down features they were able to find exactly what sub-population of features within healthcare enrollment are critical for customers to offer their employees.

With this level of in-depth understanding of how individual factors within benefit enrollment and benefit offerings impacted employee experience, Jasmine was able to inform the Customer Experience team on how to better support Gusto’s customers. She empowered the team with the data they needed to be more prescriptive with customers to improve the enrollment experience they offered their employees. These recommendations not only improved their customer’s employee experience but also helped Gusto meet one of their business values — helping small and medium businesses take care of their hard-working teams.

“I saw the value of Sisu as the only thing we spent money on because Sisu was an analytics tool that could make my team bigger than it was.”

— Jasmine Motupalli, Director of Customer Data and Insights

This level of fast, clear, analysis in Sisu allows Jasmine’s team to focus 50% more time on deriving actionable insights that help improve customer experience, rather than spending that time building models one at a time for each KPI, which typically took more than three weeks. Before Sisu, building each model required extensive research, 1+ queries, 300-500 lines of code in R or Python. With Sisu, the Gusto team has eliminated 90% of the prep required for analysis.

Turning data into action

With the time saved with Sisu, Jasmine’s team is turning data into action for Gusto customer’s in real time. For example, when COVID forced many businesses into difficult circumstances, it also changed the way Gusto needed to use data to support customers.

“We needed in-the-moment data like rapid dashboards and insights with a bias for action. I was able to pull together all high-risk and bad outcomes information into Sisu and put in all my data — whether I knew if it mattered or not — and very quickly see key insights to share with my team.”

These quick insights helped Gusto increase the levels of service they provided to their customers during volume spikes due to PPP lending and seasonal trends. Using Sisu, Jasmine determined the identifying features of customers who were more likely to need support and built a profile for Customer Experience to prioritize outreach to these customers to strengthen both their customer’s business and improve the experience Gusto offers customers.

“With that level of insight from Sisu, we were able to help and support literally hundreds of customers in a short period of time and proactively support them as Gusto customers.”

Accelerating data exploration and decision making

Today, Gusto uses Sisu to monitor changes in Customer Health and to run extensive ad-hoc analysis. By using Sisu as their slice and dice tool, they can quickly analyze their rich text data across a variety of use cases to find the tipping points impacting customer sentiment and behavior.

“Sisu allows us to be impactful and support our Customer Experience team, especially in a time of great need for our customers. With Sisu, we’re able to quickly answer more questions for the business and accelerate decision making that better supports our customers.”

— Jasmine Motupalli, Director of Customer Data and Insights

Looking ahead, Jasmine wants to find areas where the Customer Experience team can improve their processes and optimize the services they offer to continue driving customer happiness. With fast analysis in Sisu, she hopes to determine what services they offer every type of business to ensure each customer has a tailored experience when working with Gusto.
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