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Housecall Pro: Now’s the time for truly operational analytics

With a platform that enables billions of jobs and transactions a year, Housecall Pro needed a faster way to diagnose and act on changes across their continuously changing data.

Diagnosing changing metrics across a complex platform to inform operational decisions

Housecall Pro makes running a home service business effortless, bringing professionals online with their mobile-first SaaS application. This fast-growing start-up arms tens of thousands of business owners with the tools they need to streamline their operations — from awareness to scheduling to payments and more.

In this dynamic market, Housecall Pro’s key metrics — from customer acquisition to monthly recurring revenue to retention rates — can fluctuate faster than a dashboard or expert analyst can explain why. But to help thousands of customers thrive, their Analytics Team has to find a way to inform operational decisions while the window of opportunity is open.

Housecall Pro's key questions:


Why do we see lower conversion rates from certain sources?


What segments have the highest churn?


How is our monthly recurring revenue performing across cohorts?

Too many factors, too many questions

Housecall Pro serves over 60,000 home service professionals, who each complete hundreds of jobs a month. Or put another way, Housecall Pro enables billions of jobs and transactions a year.

That means they have plenty of data to inform their operation strategies. Unfortunately, that same wealth of data makes building institutional knowledge of performance and trends across their 120 verticals almost impossible.

As a platform, Housecall Pro centers its operational strategy on three key principles: Get, Keep, and Grow. “Get” examines how they acquire and convert users, “Keep” focuses on user retention, and “Grow” tests experiments for expanding user activity and product adoption.

When Housecall Pro’s VP of Analytics, Vanessa Cirannek, wanted a clear picture of why her core Get, Keep, and Grow KPIs were changing, figuring out where to start was a daunting task. To diagnose declining conversation rates and highly variable MRR, she had to find a way to evaluate billions of potential suspects in the data. In that sea of possibilities, which factors really made an impact?

“Whenever something changes — lead conversion, ASP, major KPIs — we want to know both what the change is and why it’s occurring. The key drivers could come from a thousand different directions. I wanted to explain why something changed and know the significance of key drivers with a push of a button.”

— Vanessa Cirannek, VP of Analytics, Housecall Pro 

Vanessa leads a team of seven analysts and data scientists, all tasked with answering hundreds of questions a month, but her team still struggled to answer questions as quickly as the business required. On average, it would take their team three days to answer each request, and if they were lucky they’d be able to answer 10 out of every 100 queries.

“We were setting up hundreds of alerts, but had too many signals to understand what’s changing and where we need to change our strategy to address those changes.”

With a backlog piling up, Housecall Pro’s COO began asking fewer questions, assuming the team wouldn’t have time to answer. And with fewer facts to drive decisions, leadership was left to make critical decisions based on gut-feel, not data.

Finding the right tool to uncover the facts

To find the facts in their data in real time and answer every new question from the business, Vanessa and Housecall Pro turned to Sisu.

“Without Sisu, our only solution would have been to build more dashboards and reports. I’d require an analyst just to watch them like a hawk, looking for any changes. Inevitably, after a couple of days seeing no significant changes and growing numb to hundreds of alerts, we’d stop looking at the dashboard and miss critical opportunities.”

The moment Vanessa connected Sisu to Housecall Pro’s data warehouse, the facts she needed appeared in minutes.

In fact, in their first query Housecall Pro wanted to understand what was causing a decline in conversion rates and uncovered a fact they wouldn’t have seen otherwise. Sisu surfaced a 19.3% decline in conversion rates for HVAC customers who demoed the product, despite it being their strongest vertical.

With Sisu proactively analyzing their KPIs, Vanessa’s team sees the full story of their data. At a glance, they can see that something is changing, what of their hundreds of factors is driving the change, and understand the impact that factor has on their top-line KPIs.

Answering every question, faster

Vanessa’s team is now able to provide Housecall Pro with all the answers they need to make data-driven decisions, finding their analysts can get the facts 96% faster.

“Before Sisu, if I asked one of my analysts a question, it would take them at least three days to come back to me with an answer. Now, I have an answer within the hour.”

— Vanessa Cirannek, VP of Analytics, Housecall Pro 

Today, Vanessa depends on Sisu for a comprehensive understanding of what’s driving core KPIs and to provide Housecall Pro with a holistic view of changes across all of their KPIs. Each month, she shares a high-level update to all departments at Housecall Pro on why their metrics are changing and gives the facts the business needs to adjust their strategies in real time.

Sisu is like having an additional analyst on our team. It gives me an overall knowledge gain of our general KPIs, where I would not have had time to pay attention to them before. We’re now able to be focused and faster when jumping into a problem. Sisu allows us to dive deeper and therefore be more actionable for our company.”

— Vanessa Cirannek, VP of Analytics, Housecall Pro 

As they continue finding the facts with Sisu, Vanessa plans to dive deeper into the why to understand changes in their factors, and to drive a better understanding of their cohorts.
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