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How Ro ensures a patient-centric user experience with Sisu

Building compelling, personalized user experiences across 46 million touchpoints.

With over 6 million digital visits, 46 million patient touchpoints, and an ever-expanding offering of services, Ro is on a mission to deliver high-quality healthcare in minutes. But with a complex and rapidly expanding data pipeline that combines multiple new business lines, quickly understanding what is changing in the data, and why, can be a challenge.

Ro is a direct-to-patient healthcare company building a patient-centric healthcare system. From diagnosis to the delivery of medication to ongoing care, Ro offers a personalized healthcare experience. Delivering high-quality care requires an in-depth understanding of what is working and what is not in order to drive critical decisions in real-time.

Ro's Key questions

Patient Experience

What areas of the journey are most important to the patient? How can we help them throughout the course of their treatment and beyond?

Business Growth KPIs

How are shared KPIs performing across different treatment lines? Are pre-existing offerings performing to standard and new ones gaining traction?

Patient Satisfaction

Is Ro delivering the highest possible value to patients? How can we provide patients with the level of care that they deserve?

More data doesn’t always equal more insights

In the last few years, Ro has seen an exponential rise in demand for telemedicine. In response, they’ve expanded their treatment areas from just men’s health to women’s health, smoking cessation, online pharmaceuticals, weight management, and even on-demand in-home health care.

To ensure the best patient experience and care alongside this growth, the Ro data team’s job is to monitor and analyze what’s driving the patient journey. The data team doesn’t just surface insights for Ro’s business operations – they also work alongside the marketing, product, care, operations, and finance teams to help provide context and drive decisions to provide the best patient experience possible. When data trends change, it’s their job to quickly determine what factors in the patient journey, from online visits to prescription plans to fulfillment process, are driving that change.

With new treatment offerings added to the company came the challenge of sorting through new and historical data sources. Each one required a deep understanding to know what was driving the business and where impact could be made. The Ro data team knew they needed to find a Decision Intelligence Engine that would allow them to make decisions at the same pace as their business.

“Patients interact with our platform in many ways across their journey, but we found it incredibly complex to identify what the real drivers and indicators were behind certain data trends. We used other tools for manual analysis but often encountered conflicting signals. We needed a tool that could help us effectively tease out those key drivers across all of our data to maintain focus in the areas most important to the patient.”

— Jeff Goldkamp, Analytics Manager

Finding the cure

To see if Sisu was the right prescription for their symptoms, the Ro data team first used Sisu for a deep dive to understand where Ro could best support patients along their treatment journey. They wanted to determine what the critical drivers were and, if possible, figure out what key factors in the patient journey could be experimented on for improvements.

In the past, running this type of analysis would take the data team weeks.

When the data team ran this analysis in Sisu, they realized right away that Sisu would help them deliver value to the business while freeing up their time. As Jeff Goldkamp, Analytics Manager, shared, “The thing that stood out to me immediately was the speed of Sisu compared to past analyses. It was clear that once we modeled our data in the right way, we could sit back and let Sisu do what it does best.”

Kamila Berkalieva, Senior Data Analyst, agreed, adding, “I was impressed with the speed at which Sisu provides answers and allows us to examine different permutations of the data. Sisu separates the signal from the noise quickly, letting us understand exactly what’s going on in the data.”

By separating the signal from the noise, the Ro team was able to use Sisu to identify individual and combinations of factors for deeper analysis. It uncovered actionable areas of the patient experience where teams can further invest to improve their end-to-end treatment platform. Before Sisu, the data team may not have noticed certain insights or may have spent weeks parsing through the data to find them. With Sisu, they were able to quickly dive into the factors and sub-factors that led to this customer behavior and uncovered a critical opportunity to improve the patient experience in a fraction of the time.

Alejandro Perez-Segura, Senior Data Analyst, expanded by saying, ”Rather than run a design experiment that focused on these single moments along the patient journey, with these insights from Sisu we realized we could better support patients with their unique needs from the beginning.”

Monitoring metrics for continuous care

With this analysis complete, the Ro team rolled out Sisu to the entire data team. Ro uses Sisu to monitor weekly business KPIs, ad-hoc investigations, and deep-dive analysis.

Now, scaling informative metrics across multiple care verticals on top of week-over-week variance is easier than ever with Sisu, even as Ro expands into multiple treatment and retail areas. According to Kamila Berkalieva, Senior Data Analyst at Ro, they’re able to keep business units up to date even as they grow because “Sisu makes it easy to copy and paste our analysis and apply that analysis to different care areas. With this feature, each business unit is able to focus on the key signals for their metrics, without larger trends or conditions drowning out critical insights.”

The team also continues to leverage Sisu for ad hoc analysis that informs the design of experiments for various teams and other new product lines. This level of quick insights and fast signals on early signs of the patient journey helps the data team continue to improve the value of care Ro delivers.

“With the level of insights Sisu provides, we’re able to steer and shape conversations around core patient needs and make data-driven decisions on how to improve their experience with the care we offer at Ro.”

— Alejandro Perez-Segura Senior Data Analyst, Product

Looking ahead, the data team hopes to continue rolling out Sisu to more business and product leads to help them quickly understand how and why their data trends are changing. This will be critical for enabling more data-driven decisions at Ro, because as Jeff Goldkamp explained, “We have a data hungry group here at Ro. I want to give them access to Sisu so they can have more answers at their fingertips, instead of relying on intuition and assumptions. Sisu gives us the ability to scale our analytics with our growth without sacrificing the detail and granularity across the organization.”
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