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Datanami unveils 2021 People to Watch, featuring Sisu CEO Peter Bailis

Datanami announced the winners of its 2021 People to Watch list, which highlights key community members poised to drive the industry, and names Sisu CEO Peter Bailis as one of 12 leaders to watch in 2021.

Sisu Redesigns the Analytics Experience to Accelerate the Exploration of Cloud-Scale Data

Press release: Sisu announces a new analytics experience that accelerates the exploration of cloud-scale data, streamlining the analytics process.

DatacenterDynamics: The cost of decision latency

In this article, Davide explains how the bottleneck in data is no longer data latency, but rather the decision latency buried within the business itself.

Sisu Appoints Sun Lee as Chief Marketing Officer

Press release: Sisu announces experienced brand-building executive, Sun Lee, has joined the company as Chief Marketing Officer.

Authority Magazine: Peter Bailis of Sisu on How to Go From Idea to Store Shelf

As part of their “Meet the Inventors” series, Tyler Gallagher of Authority Magazine interviewed Sisu CEO Peter Bailis on his journey to build and grow Sisu.

Sisu Honored as a Best Place to Work in San Francisco 2021 by Built In

Press Release: Built In awards Sisu a 2021 Best Places to Work award, recognizing its growth, benefits, culture, and programs for diversity, equity, and inclusion.

TechTarget Names Sisu an Analytics Startup to Watch in 2021

In a new round-up for TechTarget, Eric Avidon names Sisu a startup to watch in 2021 and demonstrates why in an interview with our customer Pathstream.

Augmented Analytics, the Remedy for Too Much Data

By adopting an augmented approach to analytics, businesses will finally be able to make use of the rich, wide data they collect changing “too much data” from a problem to a real opportunity.

Sisu Named 2021 Top 5 Data Analytics and BI Vendor to Watch by Solutions Review

Sisu was named one of the 2021 Top 5 Vendors to Watch by Solutions Review. See why they consider Sisu a disruptive and innovative new technology changing the data and analytics space.

KDNuggets: AI and Automation Meets BI

In this article, KDNuggets explores how new tools like Sisu are reducing the reliance on IT and manual analysis for understanding structured data.

Snowflake Podcast: Deciphering Your Data with Peter Bailis, Founder and CEO of Sisu Data

In this episode of Snowflake’s “Rise of the Data Cloud” podcast, Sisu CEO and Founder Peter Bailis joins journalist Steve Hamm to discuss how ML can inform reopening strategies for COVID-19, the cutting edge research behind Sisu, and the future of analytics.

Datanami: Why Data Science Is Still a Top Job

Datanami’s Alex Woodie sits down with experts like Sisu CEO Peter Bailis to understand the evolving role of data scientists.

VentureBeat: The 2020 Data and AI Landscape

Matt Turck's annual Data and AI Landscape, explores key trends in data analytics and how tools like Sisu are enabling data analysts to take on a larger role.

Sisu Appoints Brent Goldman as Vice President of Engineering

Press release: Sisu, the fastest and most comprehensive augmented analytics platform, today announced Brent Goldman has joined the company as Vice President of Engineering.

Datanami: Ben Horowitz Dishes on Hadoop, Analytics, and Data Culture

In a fireside chat with Sisu CEO Peter Bailis at the Future Data conference, Ben Horowitz shared his views on Hadoop, Analytics, and Data Culture.

DBTA: Sisu Adds New Tools to Augment Data Analytics Workflows

Database Trends and Applications discusses the two new ways Sisu augments data preparation: a shared query repository and a connector for Amazon Athena.

Registration Opens For The First Annual Future Data Conference, Building The Next Generation of Data Systems

Press release: Future Data has opened registration for its first annual conference by and for analysts, data engineers, researchers, and data executives.

Sisu Identified as a 2020 “Hot Vendor” in Artificial Intelligence by Aragon Research

Press release: Sisu Identified as a 2020 “Hot Vendor” in Artificial Intelligence by Aragon Research.

Sisu Accelerates Complex Analysis with Two New Ways to Answer “Why” Faster

Press release: Sisu announces two new ways to answer why faster with comprehensive A/B tests, group comparison experiments, and faster text analysis.

TechTarget: Sisu adds new ways of answering ‘Why' to analytics platform

Eric Avidon from TechTarget discusses Sisu's two new ways of answering why in analytics, with fast, comprehensive A/B analysis and text categorization.

Database Trends and Applications: Reversing the 80/20 Ratio in Data Analytics

For the Big Data Quarterly, Joe McKendrick from DBTA spoke with analytics and infrastructure leaders about the urgent need to flip the 80/20 rule that is burying data analytics initiatives.

Datanami: Sisu Seeks to Answer Why

In this in-depth interview with Datanami, Sisu CEO Peter Bailis explains how Sisu takes a proactive approach to analytics by automating complex data exploration for enterprises.

Above the Trend Line: COVID, Analytics, and the Proactive Use of Data

InsideBigData and "Above the Trend Line" share insights into how COVID, analytics, and the economy are changing data. Hear from Sisu CEO Peter Bailis.

Sisu Achieves SOC 2 Type II and Privacy Shield Certification, Supports HIPAA Compliance

Press release: Sisu completes enterprise security requirements, including SOC 2 and HIPAA, to help companies accelerate the diagnosis of sensitive data without compromising confidentiality

Sisu Named Data Startup of the Year by the 2020 Data Breakthrough Awards

On April 8, 2020, Sisu was named the Data Startup of the Year by the Data Breakthrough Awards. See how Sisu stands out as an innovative solution for analysts and business leaders in the data technology market.

Sisu Poised for 2020 Growth with Key Executive Hires and New HQ

Sisu announced two key leadership hires today: Berit Hoffmann as Vice President of Product and Bryan Hamblin as Sisu's Chief Revenue Officer (CRO).

San Francisco Business Times:
AI startup offers fast-changing companies a high-tech crystal ball

From RTInsights: To bridge the gap between the data we're collecting and the way organizations interface with it, we need to address some uncomfortable realities.

The Next CDO Challenge:
Teaching Every Employee to Think Like an Analyst

To accelerate a transformation towards Operational Analytics, CDOs need to focus on developing three critical skill sets across their organizations.

Sisu in Built in San Francisco's
50 Startups to Watch in 2020

On January 21, 2020, Sisu was named to Built in San Francisco's 50 Startups to Watch. Get the details on the award and Sisu here.

3 Inconvenient Truths about AI and ML

From RTInsights: To bridge the gap between the data we're collecting and the way organizations interface with it, we need to address some uncomfortable realities.

Sisu Named Runner Up in Constellation's 2019 Enterprise Awards

"Sisu stood out in a crowded BI and analytics market by taking a focused approach to addressing business problems instead of piling on yet more dashboards."

Vanessa Larco: Differentiation is Key
for BI Startups When Attracting Investors

In Part I of a two-part Q&A, Vanessa Larco, Partner at NEA, discusses what she looks for in BI startups and what she loves about Sisu.

Sisu Named to the CNBC Upstart 100

In November, 2019, Sisu was named to the CNBC Upstart 100 - the brightest, most intriguing, young startups ready to become the great companies of tomorrow.

Sisu Launches with $52.5M from NEA and Andreessen Horowitz

Sisu launches its analytics platform and announces $52.5M Series B from NEA, Andreessen Horowitz, and Green Bay Ventures.

Forbes: A New Data Analytics Company From A Boisterous Stanford Professor
Comes Out Of Stealth With $52.5 Million In Fresh Funding

Forbes: Peter Bailis founded Sisu in 2018 and the operational analytics company is emerging from stealth Wednesday with a $52.5 million Series B round of funding.