Above the Trend Line: COVID, Analytics, and the Proactive Use of Data

By Grant Shirk - May 6, 2020

Above the Trend Line: COVID, Analytics, and the Proactive Use of Data

Original article:

In this recent run-down from InsideBigData, Daniel Gutierrez sought out commentaries on the COVID-19 pandemic and its potential effects on business in the big data ecosystem. When they asked Peter Bailis, our CEO and Founder, he responded thoughtfully:

“This is an uncertain time for businesses, regardless of their size, shape, or industry. We’re learning how to collaborate remotely, navigate varied supply chain demands, and connect to our customers in new and meaningful ways.”

“As businesses adapt to the pressures of COVID-19 and the uncertainty of re-opening the global economy, proactive diagnostic analytics will overtake predictive modeling and data science as the path forward for successful companies.”

“In the midst of drastic change, businesses need to be proactive in their use of data, and they need tools that can proactively recommend the data that’s having an impact. This proactive approach is far more valuable than predictive technologies and automation. These are peacetime investments for businesses, places to look for incremental gains when the entire market is rising. Today, companies need to make critical decisions about immediate sustainability, and those that can leverage the data they have in the moment will separate themselves from those who can’t. The most successful leaders will seize on any opportunity to use detailed facts about the current performance of their business to ensure they have a path forward to their future.”

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