Authority Magazine: Peter Bailis of Sisu on How to Go From Idea to Store Shelf

By Brynne Henn - January 13, 2021

Meet The Inventors: Peter Bailis of Sisu On How To Go From Idea To Store Shelf

Original Article: 

On January 12th, 2020, Authority Magazine shared their interview with Sisu CEO and Founder, Peter Bailis, where they discussed the steps to building and growing Sisu.

“One of the key questions that kept coming up was: in a world with nearly free storage and nearly infinite computational resources, where’s the bottleneck in the way people use data?”

“I kept running into use cases where people would know the metrics they wanted to optimize (e.g., revenue, customer engagement), but they didn’t have the time or energy to dig into their data to understand what was actually impacting them, and what was actionable at a given time.”

“We could develop similar kinds of ranking and relevance models that could help users determine what queries (and answers) are most relevant to them at any point in time. This would not only help alleviate the bottleneck of asking questions by automating the question-generation process, but it’d help users get a better handle on the massive and growing amount of data that they had.

“Our product wouldn’t be possible if you just looked at machine learning, distributed systems, or user experience in a vacuum. The core user experience we have built is enabled by advances in each of these technical fields.”

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