Sisu Named Runner Up in Constellation's 2019 Enterprise Awards

By Grant Shirk - January 2, 2020

Constellation Research Names Sisu Runner Up for Best Enterprise Software Startup

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This year the Constellation Research team attended over 270 events, engaged in 1000s of inquires and briefings, conducted 1000s of media inquiries, and almost touched one billion impressions in the social sphere. As disruptive technology in the past decade evolved from cloud, AI, social, mobile, IOT and big data, 2019 saw the evolution and maturity of IOT, 3D printing, 5G, robotics, mixed reality, AI, and quantum computing. Top of mind business themes included the privacy rights, data-driven digital networks, stakeholder capitalism, augmented humanity, and digital ethics.

Before the team ushers in the new decade, Constellation takes one last moment to reflect on 2019, an era of the best US economy in history, the most divisive politics and discontent around the world, and a year where technology remained in the spotlight for political, economic, societal, environmental, and legislative mind share. Tech went from a force of good to a force for evil in a blink of an eye.

About Sisu

San Francisco-based Sisu stood out in a crowded BI and analytics market by taking a focused approach to addressing business problems instead of piling on yet more tools for developing reports and dashboards. Sisu focuses on delivering diagnostic analytics that go beyond telling organizations what happened to informing them why things changed. Sisu does root-cause analysis over time to make it clearer why key performance indicators are headed in the right or wrong direction. It’s the crucial first step to knowing how to act to ensure better outcomes.

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