Datanami unveils 2021 People to Watch, featuring Sisu CEO Peter Bailis

By Brynne Henn - March 4, 2021

Datanami Unveils 2021 People to Watch, featuring Peter Bailis

Original article:

Each year, Datanami takes a good look at what is ahead to determine a select group of leaders in data who are poised to drive the industry forward. This year, they selected Sisu CEO and Founder, Peter Bailis, as one of twelve leaders to watch for his “hard work, dedication, and contributions that reach far beyond analytics.”

As Datanami described,

“‘I’m pleased to shine the spotlight on these individuals for the unique talents each of them brings to their given field, for the success they have found, and most importantly, for the potential they bring to inspire others and to positively impact their communities.’

2020 was a challenging year in many ways, and it tested the resilience of people and companies around the world. Amid the chaos of a viral pandemic, economic lockdowns, and societal unrest, organizations turned to big data, digital transformation, and AI to help navigate a path forward. The accomplishments of these Datanami People to Watch is indicative of the commitment and drive necessary to survive and thrive in rapidly changing data landscapes.”

View the entire list of nominees and read more in the original article. For more details, view Datanami’s Press Release.