Sisu Redesigns the Analytics Experience to Accelerate the Exploration of Cloud-Scale Data

By Grant Shirk - February 23, 2021

Sisu Redesigns the Analytics Experience to Accelerate the Exploration of Cloud-Scale Data

Company unveils new interface to streamline the analytics process, help analysts diagnose changing metrics in seconds, and speed decision-making.

SAN FRANCISCO, February 23, 2021Sisu, the industry’s first augmented intelligence solution, today announced a new analytics experience designed to accelerate the exploration of cloud-scale data and help analytics teams deliver insights in minutes rather than days. Informed by months of research, the redesigned product enables data teams to streamline their workflow, answer critical questions quickly, and get the complete picture behind changing metrics without cumbersome manual exploration.

Sisu’s new approach puts metrics at the center of the analytics workflow. Data teams start by creating common definitions of KPIs, ensuring consistent measurement across the organization. From there, Sisu automatically explores the highly-dimensional enterprise data behind these metrics and proactively surfaces the trends and segments that matter. Finally, the new interface enables faster drill-down, providing a more comprehensive view into the top drivers in the data, accelerating the delivery of meaningful insights for the business.

“We’ve spoken with dozens of world-class data teams and top data analysts about their decision-making processes, and one single theme emerged,” said Berit Hoffmann, Vice President of Product at Sisu. “Despite continued investments in cloud infrastructure and the modern data stack, it’s too slow and too difficult to identify which dimensions in the data matter. We are thrilled to unveil a redesigned Sisu, featuring a new metrics-first interface that helps analysts find answers fast enough to drive better decisions.”

Unlike the neverending, manual data exploration process created by legacy BI tools, Sisu is the first and only augmented intelligence platform to automate this process and allow anyone in an organization to quickly see the key drivers and high-impact populations and their effect on changing metrics.

“Sisu fills a long-missing gap in business intelligence: deep, automated analysis of dimensional data, providing insights that could take analysts hours or days or weeks to identify,” said Wayne Eckerson, President of Eckerson Group, a research and consulting firm specializing in data and analytics. “Sisu is the perfect tool to augment an analytics team’s ability to deliver fast, relevant insights on demand to proactively answer business questions.”

The redesigned user interface is available today for Sisu customers. For more information, visit Berit Hoffmann’s blog post.


Sisu accelerates data exploration for analytics and product teams. As the first augmented intelligence solution built to quickly and completely analyze millions of dimensions and trends in cloud-scale data, Sisu helps teams understand, collaborate, and act using all of their data, faster. The technology combines machine learning and statistical analysis to help businesses like Samsung, Upwork, Mejuri, and Corsair make better decisions, act more decisively, and grow faster than the competition. To learn more about Sisu Data, visit

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