TechTarget Names Sisu an Analytics Startup to Watch in 2021

By Brynne Henn - December 22, 2020

Analytics Startups to Watch in the Coming Year

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On December 18, 2020, TechTarget shared their round-up of the startups to watch in 2021. This article recognizes the companies attempting to extend data analysis beyond data scientists and trained analysts to ordinary business users.

Sisu was named one of the top vendors, recognizing our approach to eliminating repetition through KPI monitoring. To better understand the value of Sisu, TechTarget interviewed Pathstream, a Sisu customer, to hear how Sisu is augmenting their analytics workflows.

From the TechTarget article:

“While data storytelling broadens the reach of analytics beyond trained data scientists and analysts, process automation aims to free data scientists and analysts from the repetitive data management tasks that often dominate their time.

One of those tasks is monitoring data sets for any changes, and that’s what Sisu Data’s platform does for customers.

The vendor, based in San Francisco and founded in 2018, emerged from stealth in late 2019 with $66.7 million in venture capital funding. Its platform uses machine learning and statistical analysis to automatically monitor an organization’s key performance indicators (KPIs) and recognize any changes. In addition, it delves into the change and delivers an explanation for why it occurred.

That ability to explain why a metric changed — and do so quickly — was a key differentiator for Sisu, when it first went to market, said Doug Henschen, principal analyst at Constellation Research. In the time since then, the vendor has added tools to quickly diagnose the results of A/B and other comparative tests and do faster text analysis.

And it’s that automatic monitoring and subsequent automatic analysis that drew Pathstream to Sisu.

San Francisco-based Pathstream offers web-based education programs that help students prepare for jobs in emerging fields, including data analytics and digital marketing. It partners with technology vendors like Salesforce and Tableau, as well as educational institutions to craft and deliver its programs.”

“By June 2020, Pathstream had more data on hand than it could manage on its own.

“We collect a lot of data, and I don’t have the time or resources to look at every driving factor and what may be correlated with what else,” said Eleanor Cooper, CEO of Pathstream. “As a young company, we have tons of competitive disadvantages, but we’re nimble, and being able to use data to find non-obvious trends gives us the ability to capitalize on our nimbleness.”

Pathstream uses Tableau and Mode Analytics to develop dashboards, but it needed a platform that could automate monitoring and data analysis, and do so without writing code.

“In terms of being able to throw in your entire data lake and have [a technology] instantly pop up with explanations about the highest impact drivers and KPIs, it’s something I haven’t seen anyplace else,” Cooper said. “It’s an instant way to drill into what’s moving the needle.”

Six months after starting with Sisu, Cooper said she spends substantially less time parsing data — essentially manually reading through applications and reports — to discover correlations and other information about Pathstream’s students.”

“In addition, Cooper said Sisu has enabled more people at Pathstream to use data in their daily work.

‘Sisu allows so many people to become data-driven and a data analyst, in some ways,” she said. “It builds their confidence. Some people on our team are very fluent in data, and some less so, and this allows them to think through the problems and solutions without having to know-how to approach data analysis.’”

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