Quickly explain
changing metrics

Eliminate manual analysis and find insights in your cloud-scale data, in seconds.

Drive better outcomes across the business

Use augmented analytics to deliver fast, actionable answers for any metric you’re tracking.

Sisu transforms your analytics workflow

Define and manage metrics centrally

To always work with fresh data, start by connecting Sisu to your data warehouse. Then define your metrics and save queries centrally for every teammate to use.

Identify key metric drivers in seconds

Automatically test every factor in your data to surface the subpopulations having the biggest impact on your metric, without any SQL. From there, easily compare similar subpopulations to contextualize results.

The technology behind Sisu

Understand changes over time

Specify time periods to diagnose changes in metric performance over time. Compare fixed windows or dynamic time periods like “last week” or “last month” with just
a few clicks.

Analyze differences between groups

Define any two groups and let Sisu uncover the subpopulations that are driving differences in metric performance. Take action quickly knowing exactly ‘why’ one group is underperforming.

Set it and let it run

Set up analyses to automatically refresh at a specific cadence so insights are ready when you need them.

Security and speed, without compromise

We continually invest in the security and privacy of our customers’ most valuable data and maintain SOC 2 Type II, HIPAA, and GDPR compliance.

“We couldn’t believe how quickly we found actionable facts in the data. With Sisu we were able to get recommendations to our marketing leadership in hours that normally would have taken weeks.”

Kal Raman, Chief Digital Officer

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