The fastest time to why

With the power to analyze millions of records in seconds, Sisu reduces analysis time by over 90%, helping you make fast, informed decisions.

Set objectives. Find facts.

Stop manually slicing and dicing data. The Sisu platform automates the manual, rote work of data exploration and finds interesting, useful, and hard-to-find facts in even the most complex data sets.

To get started, all you need to do is tell Sisu which KPI you want to diagnose. From there, Sisu rapidly starts identifying the features and variables in your data that are making the biggest impact on your metric, and how those factors are changing over time.

Fast, comprehensive diagnosis.

For analytics and business intelligence teams, the toughest questions to answer always start with “Why?” Understanding changes to sales, customer acquisition, or operating expenses can take days or weeks to diagnose with other analytics tools.

We take a different approach. Connect the Sisu platform to any cloud data warehouse and start finding significant facts in seconds. When you need fast answers to tough operational questions, Sisu is a great place to start your diagnosis.


Explain the impact.

It’s not enough to be fast. Complex questions need to be answered with detailed, comprehensive analysis backed by data. Not only does Sisu automatically prioritize facts based on their impact, but the platform also provides detailed, interpretable context to refine and support conclusions.

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Collaborative analysis.

You know your data best. Take the facts, rich visualizations, and detailed statistical analyses from Sisu and share the findings across your team. Invite business stakeholders into the conversation and collaboratively build your case.

With fact boards, annotations, and the ability to share facts and analysis across the team, Sisu is a powerful tool for making operational decisions a normal part of your team's process.

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Never stops asking why.

Operational data never stays static (nor do your customers). As new information arrives in your warehouse, Sisu will continually re-evaluate your metrics and surface new facts driving change.

Subscribe to real-time notifications, track progress towards goals, and know that Sisu will always have your back when you get asked the next set of tough questions.

Security, integrity, and confidence

Nothing eclipses the priority we give to the security, confidentiality, and integrity of our customers' data. As a result, we're continually investing in better ways to protect data in transit and at rest, and in the way we build our platform. In addition to maintaining clear standards for secure software development, Sisu maintains SOC 2 Type II and EU-U.S. Privacy Shield compliance.

Strong encryption (AES-256) for data in transit and at rest

Secure data connections to cloud data warehouses

SSO and Multi-factor authentication for user accounts

Detailed audit and access logs

Secure and private by design

Comprehensive data privacy, compliance, and trust frameworks


For both global and local standards, Sisu provides the tools you need to fulfill your obligations to customer and data privacy.

SOC 2 Type II

Sisu maintains a SOC 2 Type II report and continually invests in the process and controls that govern our analytics platform.

HIPAA Compliance

The Sisu platform is built from the ground up with the security, privacy, and integrity of the most sensitive types information in mind.

Sisu can put your data to work faster.