451 Research Brief:
KPI-Driven Proactive Intelligence for the Data-Driven Business

A new study from 451 Research finds as the volume of data businesses collect increases, the ways that data is used is creating barriers to decision making. The conclusion: to capitalize on this influx of data while also accelerating data-driven decision making, companies must adopt continuous, proactive intelligence through automation.

With automated decision intelligence (as 451 Research describes it), companies can monitor and diagnose KPIs, aid decision making by finding anomalies, automate root-cause analysis, and proactively surface the factors that explain why changes are occurring.

In this report you’ll learn: 

  • How surging data volumes are becoming a barrier to making strategic decisions 
  • Why delays in collecting, processing, and analyzing data increase the risk of poor decisions
  • How proactive intelligence and root-cause analysis can increase confidence in data-driven decision making 
  • Why diagnostic and proactive analytics based on continuous intelligence are critical investments

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