The Future of Analytics:
Accelerating Operational Decisions


The digitization and automation of business processes are forcing companies to make fundamental changes to how they operate. From sales to operations and from engineering to customer success, every member of the organization has to make day-to-day decisions not only faster, but backed by data.

Unfortunately for many teams, the promise of an effective operational analytics model is blocked by three things:

  • A data infrastructure not designed for the kinds of data required for operational decision-making
  • A highly manual, reactive analytics workflow that limits access to operational insights 
  • The lack of a data-driven culture that’s undermining the value of the information available to every employee in the organization

Hear Jad Naous of Imply and Peter Bailis of Sisu in an engaging discussion about why a culture of operational analytics is a requirement to compete in today’s market, how companies can quickly reinvent the way they share data across the organization, and where leaders can focus their time on building a culture where every decision is informed with data.

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Jad Naous
VP of Research & Development
Peter Bailis
CEO & Founder

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