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Housecall Pro | Now's the Time for Truly Operational Analytics

When Housecall Pro needed to diagnose and act on changes across their dynamic platform faster, they turned to Sisu. Learn how they improved analyst efficiency by 96% with Sisu.

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Housecall Pro makes running a home service business effortless, bringing professionals online with their mobile-first SaaS application. This fast-growing start-up arms tens of thousands of business owners with the tools they need to streamline their operations — from awareness to scheduling to payments and more.

In this dynamic market, Housecall Pro’s key metrics — from customer acquisition to monthly recurring revenue to retention rates — can fluctuate faster than a dashboard or expert analyst can explain why. But to help thousands of customers thrive, their Analytics Team has to find a way to inform operational decisions while the window of opportunity is open.

Read their story to learn why Housecall Pro relies on Sisu to monitor rapidly changing metrics across 60,000 services professionals, 120 verticals, and billions of transactions.