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Housecall Pro: Now’s the time for truly operational analytics

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To quickly diagnose and act on changes in their platform, Housecall Pro relies on Sisu to analyze factors across billions of jobs and transactions. Case Study Housecall Pro's Key Questions: In their dynamic market, Housecall Pro's key metrics — from customer acquisition to monthly recurring revenue to retention rates — can fluctuate faster than a dashboard or expert analyst can explain why. But to help thousands of customers thrive, their Analytics Team has to find a way to inform operational decisions while the window of opportunity is open. Too many factors, too many questions Housecall Pro serves over 60,000 home service profes- sionals, who each complete hundreds of jobs a month. Or put another way, Housecall Pro enables billions of jobs and transactions a year. That means they have plenty of data to inform their operation strategies. Unfortunately, that same wealth of data makes building institutional knowledge of performance and trends across their 120 verticals almost impossible. When Housecall's VP of Analytics, Vanessa Cirannek, wanted a clear picture of why her core Get, Keep, and Grow KPIs were changing, figuring out where to start was a daunting task. To diagnose declining conversation rates and highly variable MRR, she had to find a way to evaluate billions of potential suspects in the data. In that sea of possibilities, which factors really made an impact? "Whenever a metric changes, the key drivers could come from a thou- sand different directions. I wanted to be able to explain both what the change is and why it's occuring at the push of a button." — Vanessa Cirannek, Housecall Pro Conversion Retention MRR Why do we see lower conversion rates from certain sources? What segments have the highest churn? How is monthly recurring reve- nue performing across cohorts?

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