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Don't play games with your data The gaming industry is competitive, unpredictable, and continues to draw in more and more contenders who want in on the action. With Sisu's fast, comprehensive diagnostic platform you can level up past the competition and get detailed visibility into what's driving your most important business metrics, from 7-day retention to player lifetime value (LTV). Here are five examples of key performance indicators (KPIs) that your analytics teams can quickly drill into using Sisu. Diagnose session metrics in extreme detail With a typical BI dashboard anyone can see when session metrics like average duration, total daily sessions, or ses- sion depth make big moves. But when user behaviors change rapidly, and different groups often cancel each other out, it's almost impossible for analysts to confidently answer what's driving engagement - or harming. With Sisu, your analytics team can rapidly assess millions of possible populations across hundreds of complex variables. Fast-Twitch Analysis: Five Ways to Diagnose Player Value with Sisu Sisu Product Datasheet Find the perfect line to drive up retention Across multiple properties, dozens of platforms, and count- less user demographics, diagnosing retention rates is more than a full time job. Using Sisu, your team can assess what's driving churn rates on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis and receive proactive notifications as conditions change. Analysts become real-life heroes when they can proactively reach outside the data team with new information, never breaking the link to the data, to keep the business on track. Maximizing average revenue per paying user (ARPPU) for free-to-play When the production team starts asking tough questions about ARPPU, how quickly can you get them concrete, comprehensive answers? Particularly when small, discrete player groups are driving the lion's share of your app revenue you need a better way to identify opportunities to maximize revenue from your most valuable users. Moreover, Sisu lets you effortlessly drill down into any population and see how their behavior changes over time, which segments need more investment, and where you might be able to find unexpected sources of growth.

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