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Three Data Trends Shaping Analytics 3.0

Today — with the rise of cloud-native data warehouses and advances in scalable inference methods — we’re at a cusp of a third phase of analytics that not only affords better, faster processing of data, but also lets operational data analysts impact decisions like never before. Sid Sharma calls this phase Data Analyst 3.0.

In a follow up discussion to his widely-read article on the next evolution of data workflows for Data Analyst 3.0, Sid joins Danielle Leong from Teachers Pay Teachers and Natalie Kwong at Harness for a fireside chat. Join the conversation as they discuss this new phase of data analytics and share their take on three major data trends that will dominate 2020 and beyond:

1. The Emergence of the Analytics Engineer 

2. A Return to SQL (especially for data modeling) 

3. The Need for Augmented Analytics tools.