Accurate insights for all decision points

Don’t wait for the “why.” Go straight to “action” with our Decision Intelligence Engine for real-time, comprehensive insight.


Dashboards aren’t telling why things change

Dashboards are valuable for WHAT the business is doing, but not WHY it is changing. When your data is highly dimensional and your business drivers change rapidly, it is challenging to understand precisely why. Your analyst team is fantastic, but overwhelmed. It's likely you are constantly seeking to "drill down to why."
“With Sisu we can diagnose opportunities at the transaction and customer level, allowing us to provide insights we wouldn’t otherwise be able to get to.”
Carl Ekman VP of Business Insights
Kitu Super Coffee Augmented Analytics to Beat the Grind

Understanding the “why” of change is vital to business


Drill down to the “why” for the right decision

Using ML algorithms, we exhaustively test every scenario, hypothesis, and permutation. We investigate all the possible drivers to the top-level results you are seeing - so you can make better, more informed decisions.

Decision-making at the speed of business

Because we harness the power of ML, this happens 1000x faster than if the same was to be carried out using your analysts. Their time can now be spent on the actual value add activities that require their expertise and creativity, and you can make decisions you need to run and change your business faster.

Being agile and adaptive gives you that competitive edge

As your business changes, as the variables that impact your business change, the data you can harness expands and changes - the Sisu Decision Intelligence Engine adapts and accommodates - driving agility into your decision-making process.