Deliver all the insights, on time

Have the answer before they are asked with Sisu’s Decision Intelligence Engine. Then you can get down to the core business faster.


Analyze volumes of data in minutes, not months

The business is asking more questions than you can answer -- trying to drill down to why a business driver changed. That’s frustrating, not only because the volume of questions is increasing -- the questions often change rapidly too. And instead of doing real analysis work, you are simply manipulating filters to find every permutation possible, seeking to find the business driver. Sisu lets you find the business driver instantly. So you can focus on analyzing the business and delivering valuable insights your business constituents are seeking.
With Sisu
“With Sisu we can diagnose opportunities at the transaction and customer level, allowing us to provide insights we wouldn’t otherwise be able to get to.”
Carl Ekman VP of Business Insights
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Accelerate speed to decision for everyone across your business


Automate the mundane, focus on the core

Sisu automates the repetitive and necessary exploration of all filtering permutations and scoring the business drivers. Therefore, you instantly understand the drivers to top line results, and your analysts can now focus their expertise and creativity on the core business.

Be that trusted adviser. Deliver more with less

You now don’t have to limit the questions you can answer or compromise the thoroughness by which you answer them. Explore all the variables, all the drivers, all the permutations - and harness and extract all the value from ever expanding and changing data sets. Plug those insights into your dashboards and go back to applying your expertise and creativity to the core business.

Increase credibility with clear, accurate recommendations

By answering “the why,” behind the business drivers including more questions, with more breadth, with more depth, you can not only empower your analysts to take advantage of the latest in ML supported decision intelligence, you can also increase your value and impact to the business.