eCommerce Analytics

Grow ecommerce revenue, faster

Put all your customer data to work to understand customer behavior, segmentation, and product trends with Sisu.

Online, customer behavior and consumer preferences change quickly.

To effectively drive growth, you need up-to-the minute insights into everything from average order value to customer purchase frequency.

High-growth ecommerce sites capture incredibly rich context on every session, customer interaction, and purchase. But with hundreds of factors to analyze—from demographics and loyalty program participation, to merchandising and promotion—it’s impossible to know which levers to pull.

Efficient growth requires fast, confident decisions, driven by data. Sisu can help you go deeper than your static dashboards and quickly find new ways to drive the business forward.
“With Sisu we can diagnose opportunities at the transaction and customer level, allowing us to provide insights we wouldn’t otherwise be able to get to.”
Carl Ekman
VP of Business Insights
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Put all your ecommerce data to work

Connect Sisu to your data warehouse and immediately get live, always-updated analysis on product performance, customer segmentation, and repurchase rates.
Accelerate revenue growth

Get fast insights into what’s driving purchase frequency, average order value (AOV), and customer lifetime value (CLV).

Optimize merchandising

Drive more actionable promotions and merchandising based on how categories, products, and offers drive changes in purchase rates.

Increase customer acquisition

Stay ahead of changing trends with instant visibility into every factor driving customer acquisition costs (CAC) and conversion rates.

Build more targetable customer segments

Go beyond basic customer demographics and identify meaningful buying groups based on dozens of actionable factors. 

Use every datapoint you capture

Use Sisu to consolidate all your customer, product, and third-party data into a comprehensive view of what’s driving your business forward. Get faster insights, make more confident decisions, and make an impact on revenue, now.

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