Financial Services Analytics

Decisions based on data, not gut feel

Finally unlock the market advantage locked away in your data warehouse and accelerate data-driven decisions with Sisu.

Stop using only a fraction of your data

Whether you’re tracking customer needs, product effectiveness, or stamping out fraud, augmented analytics can help you put all your valuable data to work, faster.

Once you’ve securely connected Sisu to your data warehouse, our enterprise-grade analytics solution automatically and rapidly diagnoses why your key metrics are changing and surfaces the key drivers behind your business.

Efficient growth requires fast, confident decisions, driven by data. Sisu helps you go deeper than your static dashboards to quickly find new ways to drive the business forward.
“Everyone has a better understanding of how to grow the marketplace and help more people achieve their economic goals."
Craig Mestel
VP, Finance
case studies
Upwork: See how Upwork found new paths to growth in their global marketplace.

Put all your customer data to work

Connect Sisu to your data warehouse and immediately get live, always-updated analysis on the metrics that matter, from asset performance to risk.
Personalization via segmentation

Automatically dive deep into your marketing and user data to identify the highest-value customer segments and product affinities.

Root out risk and fraud

Across thousands of customers and tends of millions of interactions, quickly find the behaviors increasing risk. Complete root-cause analyses 10x faster than before.

Diagnose data gaps

Use Sisu to monitor changes in your critical data sources to identify when “data breaks” in the pipeline might disrupt your decision-making.

Maximize customer lifetime value

Quickly test, iterate, and comprehensively diagnose which combinations of customer demographics, products, and rates have the biggest impact on customer lifetime value (CLV).

Build a data-driven organization

Use Sisu to consolidate all your customer, product, and third-party data into a comprehensive view of what’s driving your firm forward. Get faster insights, make more confident decisions, and make an impact, now.

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