Gaming Analytics

Maximize player acquisition and LTV

Rapidly diagnose the most effective player acquisition, engagement, and revenue strategies with Sisu.

Successful game portfolios are built on acquisition and retention.

The faster you can figure out what’s working in a global marketplace of players, the faster you can bend your growth curve.

From the moment you launch your closed beta to an epic sunset, Sisu helps your team understand how to optimize installs and increase monetization faster than any other platform. Accelerate your gaming analytics with Sisu.
“Sisu is saving us hundreds of hours every month. We’re able to answer 10 times more questions than before. It’s awesome.”
Kal Raman
Chief Digital Officer
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Samsung: See how Samsung changed the trajectory of a billion-dollar product launch with Sisu.

Drive player acquisition and monetization

The challenge is to identify what works and what doesn’t early enough to drive profitable growth. Sisu helps developers and publishers find real facts to inform decisions at every stage of the funnel.
Diagnose player behavior

Find the factors behind every gameplay that impact session duration, daily session count, and new user behavior.

Increase retention

Look across titles, platforms, user demographics, and programs to assess changing churn rates and D1, D3, and D7 performance.

Maximize ARPPU

Effortlessly drill down into every customer segment and find the fastest path to conversion rates, improving customer lifetime value (CLV), and finding new sources of growth.

Build player loyalty

Quickly test, iterate, and diagnose which have the biggest impact on player LTV and engagement across your game titles.

Put all your player data to work

Use Sisu to consolidate all your player, product, app store, and third-party data into a comprehensive view of what’s driving engagement and revenue. Get faster insights, make more confident decisions, and make an impact, now.

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