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Fast, comprehensive audience analytics

Get fast, complete diagnosis of what’s driving audience segmentation, content consumption, and customer acquisition with Sisu.

Stop time-shifting your analysis

Audience preferences change fast. If you can’t quickly find what’s changing, you might miss a critical cultural shift. And, as your channel mix expands, understanding which content resonates with which audiences is critical to growth.

Sisu’s augmented analytics solution helps media companies pull these rapidly changing trends back into focus. Whether you’re looking to optimize session duration, drive more content starts, or diagnose viewer retention, Sisu helps you go deeper than your static dashboards and quickly find new ways to serve your audience.

Efficient growth requires fast, confident decisions, driven by data. Sisu can help you go deeper than your static dashboards and quickly find new ways to drive the business forward.
“Everyone has a better understanding of how to grow the marketplace and help more people achieve their economic goals."
Craig Mestel
VP, Finance
case studies
Upwork: See how Upwork found new paths to growth in their global marketplace.

Put all your audience data to work

Connect Sisu to your data warehouse and immediately get live, always-updated analysis on viewer acquisition, content engagement, and ARPU.
Accelerate content engagement

Automatically find insights across hundreds of shows, dozens of demographic factors, and shifting viewing preferences in seconds.

Find high-interest customer segments

Identify in detail which audience segments are engaging with your content, across devices, channels, and promotions.

Increase viewer acquisition

Switching costs for content have never been lower, making the competition for new viewers fierce. Find the fastest path to growth with Sisu.

Optimize content delivery

Put the right content in front of the right audience at the right time with automated insights derived from Sisu.

Learn from every view

Use Sisu to consolidate all your customer, content, and third-party data into a comprehensive view of what’s driving your business forward. Get faster insights, make more confident decisions, and make an impact, now.

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