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Faster retention insights to stay in tune with customers

It takes time to build lasting relationships with customers. If you don’t closely monitor retention metrics you can miss critical insights on what’s working and what’s not. Get fast answers on where you have retention risk to keep customers sticking around.

Daily Active Users (DAU)

DAU is an early indicator for how “sticky” your product is. Know the levers to pull to ensure customers find value and keep coming back to your product.


Acquiring new customers is more expensive than retaining them. Understand the factors that cause customers to churn so you can intervene and prevent future drop-off. Prevent customer churn>

Customer Lifetime Value (CLV)

Optimizing CLV is critical to shift from transaction-based thinking to delivering long-term value. Surface the factors driving CLV and fuel future growth. Optimize CLV>

Customer Retention

To keep up with changing customer behavior you need to examine retention across your business, from acquisition to product usage and more. Quickly uncover every factor impacting changes in retention rate.Improve customer retention>

See how Housecall Pro uses Sisu to inform operational decisions on user retention.

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