SaaS Analytics

Drive growth and retention faster with Sisu

Find answers to complex customer acquisition, revenue growth, and net retention questions faster with augmented analytics.

Find the answers that drive innovation

Efficient growth comes from a complete understanding of your customers, your market, and how users are interacting with your product. These signals come from hundreds of potential sources. The challenge is knowing which factors matter.

Sisu’s augmented analytics solution helps technology leaders quickly and comprehensively diagnose changing metrics, from customer acquisition and trial conversion to customer health and net retention.

When time-to-market matters, Sisu helps you get deeper than your static dashboards and quickly find new paths to grow.
“Everyone has a better understanding of how to grow the marketplace and help more people achieve their economic goals."
Craig Mestel
VP, Finance
case studies
Upwork: See how Upwork found new paths to growth in their global marketplace.

Put all your SaaS data to work

Connect Sisu to your cloud data warehouse and immediately get live, always-updated analysis on the metrics that matter, from MRR to CLTV.
Accelerate customer acquisition

Automatically dive deep into your marketing and user data to identify the highest-performing segments and promotions to drive conversion.

Turn churn risk into retention

No matter how detailed (or straightforward) your customer health score, Sisu can help you find at-risk accounts faster than any other solution to prevent churn and improve retention.

Drive daily active users

Get a complete view of what features, actions, and outreach drive the most engagement in your current user base and improve DAU.

Optimize your GTM funnel

Find the fastest paths to a sale by looking comprehensively at every interaction, program, and activity that lead to sales.

Build a data-driven growth model

Use Sisu to consolidate all your customer, product, and third-party data into a comprehensive view of what’s driving your business forward. Get faster insights, make more confident decisions, and make an impact, now.

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